Erica and Christopher

How We Met: Chris and I met in college at California State University Fullerton fall of 2012. I had always noticed him and chatted with him, but I never thought he was flirting with so I never pursued it. On December 12, 2012, a horrifying incident occurred… A man with a guy was running through campus and we were on lock down.

My first reaction was to go sit with Chris. I knew that he would protect me somehow. I was crying, shaking, and terrified this could be our last day on Earth. Chris calmed me down, wiped my tears, and insured me that it would all be alright. Luckily, it was. After being on lockdown for eight hours, we were finally released. On my way home from school that night, I told my mom, Chris would be who I would marry. We begun to date right after the incident. He told me he had been interested in me from the first day of the semester. Our thing is, Erica- “I love you more”, Chris- “I loved you first.”

how they asked: Thursday, June 4, began like any other day. I woke up with my boyfriend, Chris, got ready in the bathroom next to my boyfriend (teasing and bickering as always). Nothing out of the ordinary!

Our plan after work was to scout a location for him to take engagement photos for his friend. I was already getting my hair done in Corona Del Mar, so I figured why not- at least my hair will look good! I had a hunch that today could be “our” day. It seemed a little too good to be true, if you ask me! But of course, I went along with it.

Once, Chris picked me up from the hair salon, I knew he wasn’t going to propose that day. He was too cool, calm, and collected. He asked me as usual, “How was your day babe?” Inside I am dying of excitement because what if today is our day? But I know by how normal he is being, it’s definitely not THE DAY.

We pull up to Little Corona in Corona Del Mar. It’s a beautiful gloomy day at the beach with the sun shining through, looking almost angelic- my favorite kind of weather at the beach. He starts taking photos of me, like he normally would during a photo shoot. So I go along with it.

Twenty minutes later, we moveImage 3 of Erica and Christopher to another location, just up the street. It’s my favorite spot. By this time, I’m thinking- okay no proposal within the first twenty minutes, he’s totally not doing it.

It’s at the end of a cul-de-sac overlooking the Pacific Ocean. It’s absolutely breathtaking. As Chris is taking photos, he got on his knee four… I repeat FOUR times! The first was, “Erica…Will you hold this lense?”, “Erica… Will you hold the camera?”, “Erica, can you hang on to this for me?”, “Sweetie, low five”.

After this, I literally turn around, roll my eyes, and under my breath say, “You’ve got to be kidding me!!”

After I turned around, Chris was standing up, teary eyed with something in his hand. I thought, no way, is this really happening?

He began by saying, “Erica, you know that I want to marry you and spend the rest of my life with you…” I don’t remember anything else he said, I was so in shock. It was an out of body experience. It was the most amazing moment of my whole entire life.

After every word he said, I just hugged him and kissed him, hugged him and kissed him. When he got on his knee, he asked me to marry him. Snot running down my nose, tears running down my face- I, of course, screamed, YES YES YES! I didn’t even see the ring until it put it on my finger. I was so enthralled with what he was saying, I forgot to look at the ring. Oh the ring, by the way? Is pure perfection. It exceeded my expectations. It was exactly what I wanted and more.

Image 1 of Erica and Christopher

Once, I was done crying and laughing and crying a little more, Chris said, “Say hi to my secret photographer!” I was shocked once again. I had no idea someone was there taking pictures of this beautiful moment. It was such an incredible moment and I am beyond thrilled that we have that moment in photographs.

Image 2 of Erica and Christopher

Needless to say, June 4, 2016 is has been my favorite day in life thus far. I cannot wait to see what this journey has in store for us. Cheers!

Image 4 of Erica and Christopher