Erica and Chris

How We Met

People who work in D.C. politics are known to be workaholics so it’s only fitting that Chris and I met in my office on K Street. He had just finished law school and was seeking career advice, so my boss agreed to have him over for an informational meeting. Shortly after their meeting, Chris followed up via email to thank me for setting up the meeting and asked if I was interested in having coffee with him as well. Not to toot my own horn, but he wasn’t the first guy to hit on me after meeting with my boss (beep beep) so I quickly forwarded the e-mail to a coworker and friend with the subject line “Here we go again.” Usually we have a good laugh and carry on with life but for some reason I was the only one laughing this time. She insisted this guy was different and strongly encouraged I take him up on his offer. Really glad that I did.

Erica and Chris's Engagement in Washington, DC

how they asked

The 12 Hour Proposal I met Chris in Conference Room E at my office in 2013. On the day he proposed, I received a frantic, early morning phone call from a colleague who needed immediate assistance with a weekend “work project” only to find a rose and handwritten note from Chris in that same conference room explaining the significance of where I was standing. That note led me to many more locations including our favorite milkshake shop, a prearranged shopping trip and various appointments to have my makeup and nails done with my besties aka bridesmaids in preparation for the night ahead. Each location included a surprise appearance from out-of-town loved ones who had roses and super sweet handwritten cards in hand.

The final stop was at the sushi restaurant where we had our first date. He had our family seated at a table with teary eyes, smiling faces and flashing iPhones as he knelt in the very same spot where we ate four years ago. He even made sure my mom, who has Alzheimer’s disease, was dolled up and transported to the restaurant so that she could also be a part of the festivities. After dinner, he arranged for our amazing friends to meet us at a swanky bar nearby where there was no shortage of drink purchases in our honor. Everything after that is a blur.

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