Erica and Brandon


How We Met

Brandon swears up and down that he started crushing on me on my 21st birthday in March 2015, but I didn’t think anything of it until later that summer. He was my boss at a local bar and he trained me as a bartender in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.


I just thought he was a really big flirt, he says its cause he had his eyes on me. After a few weeks of working together, he finally manned up and we hung out one on one for the first time.

He took me to the shooting range and we lied awake under the stars talking until sunrise. The rest was history and we became that couple that worked together. He would leave me surprise notes and roses all around work all of the time.

When we weren’t working, we were being spontaneous and adventurous, always finding something to do outdoors. One of the main things we did together was play disc golf…yes I usually beat him.

We never got tired of each other, never going a day without seeing each other. After I graduated from college, we moved back to Clay, Alabama and soon after that I became the luckiest girl in the world.

how they asked

B’s sister-in-law, Adrian, is an AMAZING photographer. She texted me one day to see if B and I wanted to do a photo session the next Saturday with our dog, Nellie.


I didn’t think anything of it because I was under the impression that we were just practice for a family session she had coming up. That week, everything was so normal. It was finally Saturday and I got ready for pictures while at work that morning.


I didn’t even shower because I had no idea what was going to happen that day. When I got home and B finished getting ready, we blasted music and danced around the living room just waiting for Adrian to meet us for pictures. We were told to meet at the Clay Disc Golf Course (keep in mind this is me and B’s favorite past time ;)). Once we got there, we got out and started taking cute pictures with Nellie.


We just made our way up the hill, stopping at different points for Adrian to take more shots of us. When we got to the top, I noticed hay bells set up with beautiful flowers around them and I passed by saying “those are pretty”, not having ANY clue that they were in fact for me.


B started to pull me towards the flowers and at that moment I noticed a framed picture of my father and I and a ring box sitting in front (my father passed away when I was 15 years old).


My heart dropped along with my jaw.


I immediately looked at B, asking him repeatedly if this was serious as he dropped to one knee.


The whole time he was talking I feel like I blacked out due to all of the emotion coming over me because I have NO idea what he actually said except “will you spend the rest of our lives with me?”


As soon as I said “YES!” in the midst of my tears and jumped into his arms, I hear a crowd screaming and cheering for us.


I look up and here comes all of our family and closest friends running towards us.


He even flew my mother down from Chicago and managed to keep that a secret too.


I was bombarded with hugs and kisses and tears of joy from everyone.


It was a back to back surprise and I was completely shocked at how clueless I was to his plan. But that’s not it, after that, he and my best friends had planned a surprise party afterwards for all of our friends to attend. It was the best day.


I still can’t believe it and I feel like I’m in a dream.


He’d been planning the perfect proposal for months and I had no idea. And the perfect proposal it was.


Special Thanks

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