Erica and Brandon

Proposal Ideas Pier 7, San Francisco

How We Met

Brandon and I met during undergrad at UC Riverside. We were apart of the same group of friends but did not become close until we started taking the same classes in our third year at UCR. We would give each other advice on school, personal problems, future careers, and even relationship advice.

Erica's Proposal in Pier 7, San Francisco

After months of building my friendship with Brandon, my roommate, Chelsea, kept bugging me about how Brandon liked me. “He texts you every morning and every night. The dude likes you!”. I would always laugh in disbelief. As the months went on our studying sessions turned into studying dates and we would talk about our futures and passions as if they would collide. We finally started dating during our last year of college all while taking Physical Chemistry, go figure.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Pier 7, San Francisco

How They Asked

My last clinical rotation of grad school was at home in San Francisco so I decided to extend my stay to study for my board exam. Brandon, his cousin, and his dad were planning on driving up to San Francisco the weekend after the 4th of July for a family reunion. Brandon’s dad retired and moved back to the Philippines at the beginning of 2019, so we wanted to take him around San Francisco to some of the popular sites he had not seen before. We decided to show him around the city as a true San Francisco native would, on MUNI. After a day of exploring we ended up at Pier 7, one of the iconic piers in San Francisco where there is a breathtaking view of the Bay Bridge and Transamerica Pyramid. We walked to the end of the pier and there was a musician playing his guitar. I thought to myself, “this artist sounds so familiar”. After about two songs I realized that I definitely knew that voice. The voice belonged to Five Times August, the musician who wrote my favorite song of all time, Better With You. Then the tears came.

Little did I know (until I saw one of my best friends slylishly turn her head towards us) that some of our closest friends and family were all on the pier hiding behind newspapers, disguising themselves with wigs and beards, and turning their backs to us. Better With you has always found a way to play whenever I needed it the most. I never go to play the song, I let it play when it is supposed to through my Starred playlist.

Every time it plays, I would screenshot it, send it to Brandon, and say “today is going to be an extra special day”. It was the first song to play, at random, the day of my graduate school interview, 10 minutes before I got my acceptance email, right before a huge presentation, during my favorite drives along the coast, and on days that I would be seeing Brandon after a long period of time. This song has always brought a sense of clarity to my life and Brandon knew it was only right to have it play on this special day.

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