Erica and Axel

Image 1 of Erica and AxelHow We Met: Axel and I met in September of 2009. Axel was a freshman and I was a sophomore in college. We had both seen each other around school during the first few weeks and were eager to meet. Axel was on the basketball team and we were introduced through some of his teammates. Ax found out that I had played basketball in high school and challenged me to a game of HORSE, which took place in the Point Loma gym. The jury still stands on whether or not he “let me win”… but I won. I was immediately attracted to his big smile and playful personality. Axel liked that I could keep up with his jumpshot. He drove me back to my dorm that night on his scooter…and the rest is history!

how they asked: October 18, 2014. The best day of our lives (so far!). My parents and I had planned a long weekend trip to visit my brother in Austin. Axel dropped me off at the San Diego airport on Friday morning, kissed me goodbye, and said he would see me on Monday.

Saturday morning started off with brunch at a cute little cafe in Austin. My parents and I were supposed to meet my brother for a family photo when he got off work (little did I know he was picking up Axel from the airport). Our meeting point was Mount Bonnell, a beautiful mountaintop overlooking Austin and the Colorado River. The view was breathtaking! I was sending Axel pictures once we got to the top, thinking he was at the beach back in San Diego.

One we got to the lookout point we began taking family photos. My brother asked for a picture with just him and me and as that was happening, Axel snuck behind us and was getting “into position”. I then heard a familiar voice say my name and I turned around to see Axel down on one knee as he asked me to marry him. I was completely surprised!

From there on it was lots of tears, hugging, kissing, picture taking and admiring the ring (!!!). We spent the rest of the day eating amazing burgers, FaceTiming & calling all of our friends and family, watching the famous bats fly out from under the bridge, and finished it off seeing Patrick’s band play at a venue in downtown Austin. The weekend could not have been more perfect! The most special part to me was being able to have my whole family together as I agreed to spend forever with Axel. Let the planning begin!

Image 2 of Erica and Axel