Erica and Anthony


How We Met

Anthony went to college in my home town and because of that, we have numerous mutual friends. We would often see each other at parties and have small talk. We both enjoy running and I saw him warming up before a 5K in 2012 and felt some attraction. He began to reach out to me, via Facebook messenger, talking about running and often asking me to hang out with him at his house. I declined for the most part and gave him the cold shoulder, I was in the middle of grad school and did not want to spend the time on dating someone. We were both at a birthday dinner for a mutual friend in April 2013. This was the first time we had an actual conversation. Granted, he was flirting heavily, but we learned that we had a lot in common (like a huge love for Spike Lee films) and I found his quirkiness to be refreshing.


The Facebook exchanges continued, he is very persistent, when he has a goal he does what he takes to attain it. So on July 4, 2013, he asked if he could come hang out at my house, the fireworks could be seen from the balcony of my home and he wanted to watch them with me. Initially, I was not interested, but I thought “hey, why not?” So he came over, we saw the fireworks (literally and figuratively) and we watched Spike Lee movies all night until we fell asleep on the couch. The next day he invited me out for a movie. We dated for a few weeks after that and made it official on August 12, 2013. We have been basically inseparable ever since.

how they asked

On May 1, 2016, we were at Atlantic Station, a shopping center in Atlanta, hangout until our movie started. We were just walking around and chatting. There is a park outside of the shopping center with a huge beautiful arch. It was lovely day and lots of people were out and about as we were. Anthony is a personal trainer and loves doing physical activities. One of his favorite things to do is handstands on random objects. So in Anthony fashion, he hops up on a platform near the arch and does a handstand.

Over the years, it has been my job to take pictures of him doing handstands. This day was no different, or so I thought. He went from platform to platform doing handstands. Finally, he is on a platform in the front of the arch and does another handstand. I hear him say “come closer.” I’m thinking “I’m close enough, I got the picture” but I walk closer anyway. He then says “something is about to fall out of my pocket, can you reach in there and grab it?”

Where to Propose in Atlanta, GA

Before my hand gets to his pocket, I see the ring box hanging out of his pocket. I grab it, and give it to him. At which point, he hops down, lands on one knee and asks me to be his wife. I say yes, of course. He is so nervous and sweaty. Two women walked by and one of them said that she is a wedding planner, she gives me her card and says that if we are willing to re-enact the scene, she would takes photos of us on her phone.




proposal 4


We agree, she takes the photos and walks away. There also just happens to be a professional photographer who witnessed the proposal.


He too offered to take some shots if we were open to doing it again. Of course we agreed. So I was proposed to three times in one day!!!


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