Erica and Alex

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How We Met

We met on Erica’s first day of work. It was her orientation and my birthday. I came in to open the restaurant and she was there with the manager. Her first encounter with me was me taking my shirt off to show our GM my new tattoo. I invited her to my birthday party that night. She didn’t come.

how they asked

We went away on a trip to New York. It was our second time there, we had gone early in our relationship and fell in love with the city. Erica’s mom flew in the night before with the ring and met me in the lobby to hand off the ring. We walked through Times Square and then went for brunch beside Central Park. I told her we were meeting a guy for broadway show tickets somewhere in Central Park. When we got to the rock overlooking the city and the skating rink we took selfies while waiting for the show tickets. We asked a “stranger” to take our photos for us while she was taking photos of the scenery. She asked if she could take a couple photos with her camera because she was practicing and that was my que to get on one knee and tell her we weren’t going to the show. After the proposal I surprised her by telling her we would be taking our engagement photos in New York and have the photographer for the next hour. Little did she know there were more surprises to come. When we were finishing our photos at the Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center I told Erica to turn around where she found her mom waking towards her. I then let her know there was one more surprise…she had a dress appointment at Kleinfeld’s the next morning.

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Special Thanks

Ashley Fox
 | Photographer