Sarah and Eric

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How We Met

My fiancé Eric and I met in 2012 through friends of ours at our church. At first, I only viewed him as a new friend but there was always something that drew me to him. He was the kind of guy that I wanted to be around all of the time because I found him so interesting. I really liked that he was intense, exciting, knowledgeable and talkative. We became good friends over time and got to know each other a lot through our conversations. My friendship with Eric was so valuable to me because it got me through some of the hardest situations in my life.

how they asked

Everything about how Eric proposed was so special and very thoughtful. I know that he worked hard searching to find the right ring for over a month. He thought very hard about where to ask me, because he wanted to be able to take our kids there someday. We had our first date at the California Science Center in Los Angeles and went to see the Endeavour spaceship on display there. Eric and I love museums and he is always teaching me new things. We had wanted to return to see the display again, but had not been able to go back since our first date.

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(Sparks were flying the first time we saw the spaceship and it felt like fireworks went off the second time we visited.) So we headed over there on my day off like any normal day trip adventure. Little did Eric know, I woke up feeling energized and full of joy for seemingly no reason other than the fact that I was so in love with him. He picked me up at my house and when we got to the Science Center we went about our way exploring the museum.

I had my suspicions that he might ask that day because it was such a perfect day and a meaningful place to us. But, I didn’t want to get my hopes up only to have him ask on a different day. I would rather just enjoy a special date day with him than he caught up in my suspicions. We both began to get hungry and he suggested that we go see the Endeavor before we leave for lunch, since we already bought the tickets. (Wouldn’t want them to go to waste now would we? ;D) As we walked in to the exhibit, I felt a rush of excitement, that I had to keep at bay, because I felt suspicious again. Eric and I walked from section to section, admiring the changes that had been made to the display since we had been there last.

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We had decided we were about ready to leave the building when Eric said he would like to get a picture with the spaceship, for old times sake. He walked with me until we were under the wing of the Endeavour. Then he walked over to one of the docents to ask her to take a picture for us. Eric and the docent were talking for a bit longer than it normally takes to ask one question, so I knew at that moment exactly what was going on.

I turned away from looking at them so it didn’t seem like I already figured it out. But as I turned back I saw the love of my life walking towards me with a big smile on his face. He turned towards the camera and held me as if we were going to take a picture. But then he turned to face me and he said, “Hey Sarah, there’s this crazy thing called life and this crazy place called America. I want to live my life with you in America, will you go on and Endeavour with me?” He then got down on one knee to say, “Will you marry me?” As soon as he started speaking I had tears in my eyes and joy in my heart, so my answer of “Yes” could barely be heard.

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But I did make sure to nod my head emphatically so he would have no doubt of what I answered. The amazing thing about the proposal is that the docent he had asked to “take a picture” was actually taking a video on his phone.

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Afterwards we thanked her and hugged her, and I realized that Eric had been filming this video all day. He took the time to film and edit footage from the whole day to document this special day for us. Eric also gave me a leather ouch from one of our favorite leather companies, Colonel Littleton. It was so happily shocking to see that stamped on the front of the pouch were my soon to be initials, “SMM”.

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My fiancé is so thoughtful and sentimental and I’m so incredibly grateful for him. He is my Blue Collar Man and I am his Pioneer Woman.

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