Rachel and Eric


How We Met

Eric and I are from small towns in Central Pennsylvania that are about an hour apart. I knew Eric’s story long before we met- he was a 2-time wrestling state champion diagnosed with Stage 4 Hodgkin’s Lymphoma cancer during his senior year of high school (now 6 years in remission!). The news spread and we didn’t know each other then but my family had been following his story closely. We met during Christmas Break of our freshman year of college. The first time that I talked to Eric it was obvious to me that he was unlike anyone I had ever met. He always put everyone else before himself and was the most humble person despite everything that he had been through. At the time, we were both Division I student-athletes at schools that were five hours apart. Despite our crazy schedules and the miles between us, we decided to give long-distance a shot… and the rest is history.


how they asked

I had been begging Eric to go on a trip with me for almost a year. I am about to start graduate school in September and wanted to do something really special together before then. We saved for months and finally decided on the Amalfi Coast. When we turned in to the cliffside village of Positano for the first time it was everything that I had dreamed of and more.. Hard to believe, but the place is ACTUALLY 10,000 times more beautiful in person than in photos.



We walked along the main beach of Positano and Eric pointed up to a little castle along the left side of the cliff. He asked me if we could hike up to the lookout point because he wanted to see what the view looked like of the entire coastline. When we got to the lookout the view was unlike anything we had ever seen- cascading mountains, glistening crystal blue water, matching bright orange beach umbrellas. I asked a random stranger to take our picture in front of the view. Eric asked her if she could just take one more picture. I gave her the camera back and when we went to pose for another picture Eric he looked at me and reached into his pocket. He got down on one knee and I was so surprised that I just immediately burst into tears.