Lauren and Eric

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How We Met

We met in high school, the perfect definition of high school sweethearts. Little did we know, our mothers actually set us up. My mother told me she had to “meet a friend her son’s baseball game.” I decided to tag along. It was there that I met my now fiance- the son of my mother’s friend.

It was sneaky, but it worked. We have been inseparable since that day. From high school dances and graduations, to moving five states away and enduring long distance- we have endured it all, only to make us stronger through the years.

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how they asked

Every Sunday while in high school Eric and I would drive to Henry Ford’s Greenfield Village for tea at the Cotswold Cottage. It was a time to escape the craziness of the week, relaxing on the patio. It was precious time spent bonding with one another and reflecting on life. Some of the best conversations we’ve ever had happened at Sunday tea. When we finished our tea we would stroll the village enjoying the beautiful scenery, taking us back to a distant time period and away from our worries.

It was a tradition that lasted over four years, until I decided to move to Minnesota to finish my college degree. Moving five states away stopped our weekly tradition. However, trips home were always exciting as we would always make it a point to return on Sunday.

One particular trip home to Michigan in July, Eric asked if I would like to join him for our traditional Sunday tea. July is the most beautiful time to visit the cottage as the flowers were in full bloom, so I couldn’t wait to get to the village.

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When we arrived at the Cotswold Cottage, I gleefully stepped into the garden smelling the flowers and reminiscing about past memories. It was then that Eric grabbed my hand and pulled me in close. We were among the beauty of the garden- I could smell the sweetness in the flowers and see the love in his eyes. He professed his undying love for me, and then knelt to the ground and proposed.


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While this was occurring a man (who turned out to be our good friend) was photographing from the side, capturing the moment. It truly was a perfect proposal!

After all was done, we basked in the happiness and had our Sunday tea (which the wonderful staff at the cottage paid for to celebrate). It truly became a tradition that will never be forgotten, and will always hold a special place in my heart.