Jeni and Eric

IMG_20141128_6How we met: Eric and  I met on July 28,2007 at a summer party I had at my house. I was newly single and just simply enjoying LIFE! Least did I know that July 28,2007 would mark  my life forever and I had met my best friend and future husband to be !!

About a month later on Labor day weekend , I receive a  call from a number I did not recognize so I let it go to voicemail but  no message was left . Hours later out of curiosity I decide to call the number , to my surprise a voice  that I did not know answers and says ‘Jeni ?”

This would be the start of our love story …..

how they asked: April 12,2014 our friends and I go out to celebrate Eric’s 32th birthday in Downtown Los Angeles at Elevate Lounge for dancing and drinks. We are all  having a great time and I am catching up with my friends .

Here comes Eric and turns me around , thinking he wants to dance with me so he moves us towards the middle of the dance floor , we dance for about a minute , next thing I IMG_20140413_30know he gets down on one knee and has a white box in his hand. I am completely shocked and thinking this is a joke.

He opens the box and I see that it looks empty, my poor babe must have been soo nervous he didn’t realize that he had the box upside down lol. He flips it around and says the best birthday gift to him from me would be to spend the rest of his life with him.  I am in shock for 5 minutes , everybody around us screaming out of excitement and I hear the DJ announce our proposal .

Come to find out everyone knew and he had planned to ask me at 12 am 4/13,2014 with his best friend set to record everything.

This marks  THE BEST  moment in MY life!