Hannah and Eric

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How We Met

“You can’t find marriage material at a bar” is obviously a false statement! My typical work day consisted of; working, going by the gym then walking next door to my neighborhood bottle shop, House of Hops. I didn’t go there for the beer – it was the atmosphere that was desirable. I would order a yummy beer then snuggle up on the couch and read a book. Most days I would leave within 30 minutes or so. This particular day, I was packing up my things when I looked up and saw this man. He was tall, strong, had a head full of hair and a stunning smile. That’s when I thought to myself, I need to know who this man is! I waited around, thinking he may sit near me or come back by to order another beer – he didn’t. I have to admit, I was bummed out. I wasn’t sure if I’d ever see him again. A few weeks later I ended up on the same couch, reading a book and by the grace of God, I looked up. There he was! The man I had been looking for. He didn’t sit near me or even look at me. I wasn’t going to leave this time without at least introducing myself. I casually walked up to his table and asked if I could steal a chair.

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A normal person would have sat next to him, not me. I picked up the chair and carried it to another table. What was I thinking?! My pickup lines were terrible. Thankfully about 30 minutes later his friend walked up to me, asked if I wanted to sit outside with a group of his friends. I was a little confused but obliged. Once I got outside I realized, his friend, my prince charming, was still there. We all sat outside and talked as a group until everyone left except Mr. Knock Me Off My Feet Smile and myself. Despite the fact it was beyond our bedtime, he asked me on a date. Both of us had so much more to talk about and the bottle shop was closing for the night. We met across the street where we had pizza and wings and talked until the restaurant closed. His smile was infectious, I couldn’t get enough. We ended up sitting on the bed of his truck until 4 am. I could’ve talked to him all night and day without a bit of sleep. Finally, we went our separate ways for the night. The next morning we texted nonstop. I can honestly say, from that day forward – he was my soulmate. The dates were once a week, then 3 times a week, then before I knew it, we were hanging out every evening. He quickly became my best friend and the best part of my day.

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how they asked

After a few months of dating, we started talking about marriage. I never understood how people got married so quickly until I met this man. In July he asked for all the numbers to the men in my family. A few weeks later he asked if I would go look at rings with him! In August he took me to House of Hops for our weekly date night. We got to know the lovely owners on a personal level so we made sure to stop by whenever we could. He parked the truck, kissed me, and walked to my side to open my door. So far, nothing was out of the ordinary. He opened the door, helped me out, and then dropped down to one knee.

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With a trembling hand and tears in his eyes, he asks me to be his WIFE!!!! Of course, I said YES!!!! I must say, God ALWAYS has a plan. Who would have thought that a little bottle shop would be so dear to my heart? I wasn’t only saying yes to my future husband, I was also saying yes to his sweet baby boy, Cooper, who stole my heart at first bark! I am beyond ecstatic to say, I get to marry Eric in November with our families and friends as witnesses and as Keith, the owner of House of Hops, as our officiant.

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