Eric and Hailee

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Maldives

How We Met

Hailee and I were both living in Denver, Colorado and both of our best friends were at a wedding on the East Coast. They became close over the wedding weekend and Hailee’s best friend, Grace, said they should come out and visit in Denver. My friends, Mike and Mia, said that was a great idea because they needed to visit me there as well. Grace then asked “is your friend tall and is he single?”. Both answers were yes and then our friends started texting us to set us up on a blind date.

Eric's Proposal in Maldives

Eric and Hailee's Engagement in Maldives

Our first date was at the beautiful Union Station in downtown Denver and we totally hit it off! One date followed another and soon we were heading out on the first trip together to Morocco. We had an amazing time exploring Casablanca, Fez, Essaouira, and Marrakech. The highlight though was a camel safari in the Sahara where we slept out in the desert under the stars. That’s when Hailee and I both knew that we had something truly special and our adventures together had just begun!

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Maldives

Where to Propose in Maldives

How They Asked

Hailee and I love traveling, thus I knew that when I proposed to her that it would be abroad. We had always dreamed of going to the Maldives so now I had the location and started planning. Hailee had told me that for her proposal that she wanted it to be just us but still wanted it filmed. I worked with the GM of our resort to rent out a private island in the Maldives where I could do the proposal so the “just us” piece of the proposal puzzle was solved. Now how to have it filmed? I started sending her drone videos of the Maldives which got the reaction I wanted from her because she suggested we should get a drone for the trip. Then I spent many hours learning how to operate and film with the drone, now the “filmed” piece of the proposal puzzle was solved. We started the trip with a stop in Paris where we had a day to explore the city of lights. I was a bit nervous because I had the ring in my pocket the whole time. There were moments during our time in Paris where I think she thought I was going to propose, but little did she know about what I had in store for us in the Maldives.

I had told her that I had booked us an island tour for the first day in the Maldives. It was funny because when the time came for the “tour” she wanted to relax more at our overwater villa, but I convinced her that it was the best day for it because of the weather. A boat took us out to the private island and they gave me a cell phone and told me to call them once we were ready to come back. I pulled out the drone so that I could get a video of the island and Hailee seemed a little annoyed because she wanted us to go swimming instead.

Once I got the drone in place I walked up to her and started telling her about how lucky I was to have met her, that she means everything to me, and I was excited about starting a family with her one day. Then I dropped to one knee and popped the question. Hailee started jumping up and down and hitting me. She was in shock, but she said yes! I then sneaked off into island and got the bottle of Champagne and glasses that the resort had hidden earlier in the day. We then toasted to our lifelong adventure ahead of us and our love!

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