Eric and Fashion: A Central Park Proposal

How We Met: We met online on a website called I had taken off my photos from my profile because I was getting hit on by guys I wasn’t attracted to thinking I could always reach out to a person if I was interested because let’s face it, people do not respond to a profile without a photo. I received a message one morning that said “keep your account active” …in other words “it’s time to pay.” Thinking how the site was doing nothing for me I logged on to now clear my name and profile info out. When I did I saw a new button feature they had, a look who’s online now button. I clicked the button and see MY GUY!

His profile said “these are just the cliff notes but I’m an open book.” I now sign back up, pay my $37.50 and send him a message that said ‘looking for the extended version of your cliff notes.” I honestly didn’t think I would get a reply because like I said I had no photos on my profile…but a response came and soon we were communicating on the instant messenger tab of the website.

We ping pongged with notes for about two hours… I even asked if he wanted me to send him a pic. He declined saying that the convo was going well and that a photo was not necessary.

We eventually moved over to Blackberry bbm and he was able to see what I looked like. He was super complimentary and could not understand why I needed the site to meet men.

This all happened on a Sunday and ironically enough he was coming to Atlanta in three days (where I lived) from NYC (where he lived) for a basketball tournament. I was soooo happy that I could meet him in person asap.

As soon as I saw him I knew he was mine. We visited back and forth between NYC and Atlanta for 6 months. When he came to see me in Atlanta for Christmas he showed up like SANTA with about 40 gifts for me. We sat and opened them all and when I was done he said “by this time next year you won’t be living here.” My eyes got BIG!!!! I literally felt swept off my feet. My lease ended 6 months later and I packed up and moved to NYC with my babe.  Eight months after I moved to NYC he proposed and the rest is history!

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how they asked: Being new to NYC I had never ridden the train. On this Sunday would be my first time ever on the train. My husband and I were going to act like tourists. He brought the video camera with us to document it all. Well, that’s what I thought the camera was for.

We walked to the train (he videoed), we got on the train (he videoed), we walked down the street (he videoed).  We get to Central Park… I was tired of video! Lol but then he said “let’s go over here on the bench to do one last video of how your train experience was.” In a relationship you have to pick your battles so I did what he said, sat on the bench for the LAST video.

He asked me to describe my train experience and I went ON and ON. Then he started asking other questions about life and love and before I knew it he was down on one knee with a ring out. I was SHOCKED and speechless. No clue that was going to happen. I cried like a baby. One year later I’m married living on the Upper East Side by the water and the happiest girl ever!

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