Brooke and Eric

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How We Met

The first day I met Eric, he was wearing an orange polo and had long scruffy hair. I remember thinking “What if that was my boyfriend someday”. That’s not a typical thought that goes through my mind when I see someone, but obviously my heart knew before I did.

Eric and I built a friendship for months and I was secretly hoping that he would ask me on a date. I had no idea if he was even thinking the same thing. We were great friends but I had no clue if he had any interest in me. In 2013, Eric finally built up the courage to ask me on a date. Obviously, I SAID YES. The date night consisted of wonderful Italian food, a not-so-great brownie, and hot cocoa.Then we walked together in the snow on a chilly evening in New York City. Time stopped. It was the perfect first date.

The next August, Eric traveled to my hometown in the beautiful state of Colorado to meet and spend time with my family. During the week Eric was in town, we enjoyed hiking and driving around colorful Colorado. Eric says that it was after this trip that he knew that I was “the one.” (Awwww)

how they asked

After 3 years together, many laughs, tears, and love we headed to Punta Cana with my whole family for Christmas Vacation. As if the adventures weren’t enough, Eric had a plan up his sleeve.

Eric and I love pictures! We were planning a day at the beach to get some Instagram worthy photos from our vacation. My sister was going to be the photographer. Little did I know, she was actually going to be there to video the proposal on the beach. It was MAGICAL. Perfect weather, amazing man, and the best proposal I could ask for. It was private and sentimental, just the way I like it.

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He has always been a romantic but this was better than I had ever imagined it to be!
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After the proposal my family had a wonderful 5 course meal engagement party for us on the deck of our resort. It was beautiful. We had steak, lobster, and incredible cake to celebrate the engagement. The entire thing was a complete surprise!

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