Eric and Arpie

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Our story began on or second outing to Disneyland! We had planned this date of April 15, 2018 to Disneyland in January. As the day came I had no idea that this trip to Disneyland would be extra special!!

So we get to Disneyland and ride Indiana Jones and the Haunted Mansion. We then proceed to walk over to Starbucks for some breakfast. Now, I need to rewind and mention that when we met up this morning, he randomly mentioned buying scones from Starbucks already. When we were ordering I asked if he was planning on eating his scones and he replied with a no that he didn’t feel like eating his scones. Longer story short we grab our goodies and head to the Mark Twain boat.

As we find our spot on the boat, I’m excited that Princess Tiana had boarded with us! He seemed to be looking around and kept commenting that there were so many people on this boat. I give him a funny look and exclaim, “well babe, it’s a Sunday and we are at Disneyland!” (He was planning on asking here, but he got a little too shy when he noticed all the passengers on the boat. As we enjoy our ride he notices Tom Swayers island, and how there aren’t many people there, so he asks if I would like to do that next. I say sure and he became very excited!!!

We take the raft to Tom Swayers island and find a cute area with a tree house. As I ask him which way we should go next he states that he wants his scones! I think to myself, well we just ate 20 minutes ok, but sure why not! Then he asks if I can open up his scones for him. At this time I’m thinking that he is acting a bit strange, but I go with it and indulge him. When he gives me the “scones” I immediately know he was lying about that. I feel a hard box and ask him what he’s doing?!! He says to just open it. Well, I did, and I freaked out! I handed him the box and as he slipped the ring on my finger I start to cry. (Happy tears of course!!)

After my answer of, yes!!!, we ask the employee if he could snap a few pictures! The employee says to him, “ I don’t think anyone has ever been proposed to on Tom Swayers island”. I wouldn’t have asked for it to have been done any other way! This is our special story, and I absolutely love it!!

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