Caitlin and Arsenio's Epic Proposal Video in Boston

How We Met

Arsenio and I are high school sweet hearts. Before we met I would always see him in the halls and I thought he was really cute. That year I was in the talent show and he happened to be in it as well, so that was my chance to make a move! I broke the ice during rehearsals and dropped a few hints on MySpace. Finally, came the night of the talent show. We were flirting backstage pretty much throughout the entire show. I like to give myself credit for making the first move… since I was the one to see what his plans were for the night. He invited me to an after party that he was having. Being the high school rebels that we were (not really)… I told my mom that I was going to a girlfriend’s house. In reality… he picked me up in a beat up 1987 Plymouth Voyager filled with his friends. At the after party we really clicked and the sparks started to fly. I remember him showing me some puzzle trick involving bottle caps and then next thing you know we shared our first kiss! We really liked each other so we continued to hang out, eventually introduced one another to our families on Thanksgiving and a little after midnight on November 24th 2007 he asked me to be his girlfriend!

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how they asked

I was hired by my mom’s co-worker as the photographer for a “broker event” at the W Boston hotel for November 20th, 2015. Little did I know this night would forever be remembered as one of the most special nights of my life.

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When I checked in at the front desk… the hotel event coordinator came out to lead me to the room where the event was going to be held. She took me through the back of house which I found kind of odd… but just went along with it. Once we got into the elevator, she mentioned that they were currently doing construction in a section of the hotel that we had to walk through. When we got off the elevator we walked up the final steps, she opened a door and I felt a cold gust of wind. My first thought was, “Are they really having this event on the roof in November!?” Just when I thought things couldn’t be any weirder… I saw a freakin panda bear! (Quick note… people are probably wondering, “Why a panda?” A panda is a symbolic inside joke between Arsenio and I because I’ve always said that he reminded me of a panda since we first started dating.)

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The panda took me down a candle lit aisle that lead to a big screen showing a picture of Arsenio and me. That’s when I knew… this is it! It’s about to happen!

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As we reached the big screen a beautiful video began to play, cycling through memories of Arsenio and I’s relationship to John Legend’s “All of Me” (a song that I’ve mentioned before as a potential wedding song). The video instantly brought me to tears and at the end it said, “I’m excited to make more memories with you…Let’s start by making a big memory right now…One that we will remember forever…” We faced each other and Arsenio revealed himself from the panda costume. He then took my hands, gave a heartfelt speech and got down on one knee and asked me the question I waited 8 years to hear… “Will you marry me?”

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After of course saying yes before he was even done asking… there was more! He said, “Some people would like to congratulate us!” Another video came on the big screen to the Bruno Mars song “Marry You” showing a compilation of family and friends holding up signs and dancing. There had to be close to 30 people in the video and I was amazed that so many people were in on it! After the video I realized that everything was being captured by a photographer and videographer.

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He brought me down to what I thought was going to be a normal hotel room… but instead was the most beautiful suite that I had ever been in! We popped open a bottle of champagne… which exploded all over his suit.

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After our mini celebration we went down the street to the Boston Public Garden to take some more photos.

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As we ended the session and exited the park, we were met by a horse drawn carriage! We hopped in and off to dinner we went!

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We enjoyed a great dinner at the Top of The Hub which is a restaurant where you can enjoy the best views of Boston 50 stories high.

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At the end of dinner I thought it was finally time to wrap up an amazing night, but the surprises weren’t done yet. When we got back to our suite I was surprised by a room full of family and friends! I couldn’t think of a better way to end off such a wonderful night.

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The next morning we hopped in the car and began a surprise road trip to the Pocono Mountains where we stayed at a couples resort. Our room had a tall champagne glass shaped hot tub, swimming pool, and spa! This was the perfect way to end the perfect weekend and let everything sink in.

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I couldn’t have asked or imagined a better proposal. It’s like a fairy tale and I’m still in awe that it’s actually real life!

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