Brooke & Mitch's Proposal on the Australian Coast

Epic Proposal on the Australian CoastHow we met: We met at a local bar where Mitch was performing acoustic music, and lots of his friends were having drinks and dancing. Brooke was out with her girlfriends and hit the dance floor as well. She caught Mitch’s eye and there was a definite connection right away. Mitch thought that Brooke must have known a friend of his somehow, as everyone was dancing together and having a great time. He’d been told by one of his friends that everyone was heading out to another bar afterwards, and Mitch secretly hoped Brooke would be there.

After the gig, Brooke approached Mitch on stage to introduce herself, and there was some nervous small talk. She asked him for a drink and he replied to say, ‘Everyone’s going to the bar around the corner. We could grab a drink there’. As Brooke didn’t actually know his friends, she thought he was blowing her off, and politely agreed before heading out of the bar to actually go home. It was lucky that DJ (Mitch’s groomsman) spoke to Brooke and convinced her that Mitch was definitely interested, but probably just nervous. Thankfully, she left her phone number with DJ to pass on. After heading to the next bar in separate groups, Mitch called Brooke who was unable to get into the bar as entry had finished. So he improvised and asked her out for ice cream. Whilst enjoying ice cream by the beach, Mitch leant in for the kiss, and the rest is history!

Epic Proposal on the Australian Coast


how they asked: As shown in the video, Mitch whisked me away for a surprise holiday to the Great Ocean Road south of Melbourne, Australia. I was about to get on the bus to go to work when he met me and told me I had 30 minutes to pack for a 4-day holiday. At the airport, I was blindfolded getting on the plane and had no idea where we were going until we were coming in to land.

After hiring a car and driving along some amazing coastline, we settled into our hotel before heading to dinner which Mitch had arranged. He is a keen photographer and said he wanted to go to a place called Teddy’s Lookout to get photos before sunset. Once there, he set up his tripod so we could pose for photos. As we were posing for a photo, I leant into him and put my hand on his chest, and I could feel his heart going a million miles an hour! I asked why it was beating so fast, and he said, ‘because I have a few things I want to say’. He told me that the last 2 years had been the best of his life, and that he couldn’t imagine living life beside anyone else. Then, he reached into his pocket to pull out the ring box before getting down on one knee and asking me to marry him. I was speechless and just hugged him, so he had to ask me if that meant yes! Little did I know, he captured the whole thing on camera!

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Mitch & Brooke


Brooke Ring

Ring by Anna Sheffield