Véronique and Ian's Epic Mountaintop Proposal

How we met: Ian and I met in the winter of 2008 during a season of skiing and snowboarding in the mountain village of Panorama, BC. While we enjoyed many ordinary après sessions, this one evening turned into something rather extraordinary!

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Somehow in this crowded room we were pulled together, smiles exchanged, and a connection made. Rather than the typical debauchery that generally ensued, we opted for water, warm coats, linked arms and a charming winter walk through the village under the stars!

We dated like many others, opting for home cooked dinners and long conversations. But the end of the season was fast approaching; Ian was leaving and I wasn’t.

We decided friendship would be best, so after a short, 4 week courtship we said goodbye. As luck would have it, I got rather sick and returned home to Australia for treatment… I never expected what happened next.

Ian made his way to me, and helped me recover. Every day our love grew and connection deepened. We knew we were in trouble. 2 weeks later, goodbyes were again being exchanged, however no mention of keeping a friendship status, but rather talk of when we could see each other again..

Many skype sessions, teary conversations and internet serenades later, Ian had decided to come back! 8 long months later it was official, we were going steady :)

Since that day, we have been blessed to experience so many adventures through the passion we both share: to never stop exploring.

Avid skiers, boarder, hikers, climbers and bikers, Ian and I found our way to the little mountain town of Revelstoke, BC. Somewhat a Mecca, Revelstoke defines our happiest moments and encompasses what our long and happy future might bring.

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how they asked: Only fitting it would happen here, high in the mountains, surrounded by everything that means so much to us. In retrospect it was so clear, so obvious what was about to happen. But hindsight is always 20/20, right?

It was close to the end of yet another season, and we were enjoying the lazy spring runs and glorious sunshine! Ian decides to coax me on a hike – to the summit of course. Why not, it was a super warm and sunny day on the slopes! I mean, it’s only a 30 minute hike straight up in a down jacket, with rubbish boots intent on destroying my feet and heavy skis digging into my shoulder. Of course, “it will be such fun,” he said. “I will wait this time, I won’t ditch you and meet you at the top”, he said. “It would be awesome if you could model for some pictures for my portfolio at the top”, he said.

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Little did I know what was really going on. In my mind, I was coming up with a million reasons to back out. So out of shape, my boots hurt, it’s our only day off together and he wants to hike again! Maybe, we can just meet up later? But I don’t want to be skiing alone…Alright, up we go!

I made sure he knew I was grumpy about it but wanted to be a sport and help with his pictures. Within 4 minutes of the hike, he was gone! “I knew it”, I said to myself, “typical Ian showing off how fast he can hike”. Little did I realize his rush to the top was imperative to the plan!

Finally I make it to the summit to see his smiling face beaming with excitement (with a hint of fear in his eyes). I thought it was typical Ian – stoked to see me make it, but terrified I was about to burst into tears from exhaustion. I took a few more steps and made it over to him, dropped my skis to the ground like a tonne of bricks and stood with hands on my hips trying desperately to catch a breeze. Sweaty and parched, I ask If I can have some of his water. His eyes widen and lips quiver, “Uuuhh, I don’t have any water.” “WHAT? don’t you have a Camelbak in your bag??” “Well, we should get going to the spot I have picked out, I’ll grab your skis…” To which I reply colourfully, “Are you kidding me, I just got here, and I need a break! You said you …”. Welp, you don’t need to know every word exchanged..

Huffing and puffing I lag behind, waffling on about my tired feet and why I thought down would be a great choice for skiing today.

Even as I am walking to “THE” spot, I am clueless and Ian speechless, awaiting the barrage of babble flying out of my mouth to cease. Then suddenly, I look around, and my heart skips a beat, and I stop dead in my tracks.

Ian has set the scene indeed. Skis laying down, champagne chilling in the snow, the best view my eyes have ever been privy to. He pulls out a letter that goes a little something like this “V, in the time ..”.

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I swell up with emotion immediately and try to focus on his words. As he continues reading, the smile on my face is indescribable; I felt ten feet tall like I had won the lottery. His hands start to shake, and I grab hold, and all I can muster is “it’s ok, it’s only me”. He smiles and continues, and at the end of the speech gets down on bended knee to ask, “Will you marry me?”

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To which you may have gathered, I say “Of course!” We share a quick giggle, and then the clincher… he takes my hand to place the ring on my finger and turns his head to the side, staring off into the bushes.. I said “What are you looking at?” To my surprise, I see a giant lens attached to a very cheeky photographer (Royce, a great friend of ours) lurking deep in a tree well, capturing the whole thing!!

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Photos by Royce Sihlis