AnhDao and Doug's Epic Marriage Proposal

Epic Marriage ProposalAnhDao and I fundamentally met because we both had the same aspirations. To sell drugs….legally. I had already become a licensed pharmacist and she was still in process in pharmacy school.

Unfortunately I do not have a story where it was love at first sight, or the oceans magically parted to draw us together. We both were involved with a professional pharmaceutical fraternity called Kappa Psi, and that’s how we first met to get to know each other. It was time that truly brought us together as we really got to know each other through various get togethers. From her eccentric humor, to her caring sincerity, to her way of always making me smile…I knew I wanted to be with her.

The only thing I would fault her is that it always seemed like she was screaming at me during a facebook or gmail chat. Eventually I just chalked it up to a broken capslock key so I could look past it.

how they asked: My ultimate goal was to do a proposal that would show her how much I loved her and do it with pieces relevant to our relationship. But ideas are just ideas unless they can be set in motion and so I needed help. I was very fortunate to find The Heart Bandits (Michele and Marvin) to help me put idea into reality! Through countless emails, dance choreography, plans restructured, and lies given about what I was doing..the final proposal finally came to fruition. The day was nerve wracking, emotional and exciting…instead of trying to explain each step, just sit back, click the triangle button and let the video walk you through the rest….

Our affinity for magic shows? Check.

Epic Marriage Proposal

Our first movie being Kung Fu Panda? Check. Her love of the Minions characters? Check.




Our love for seeing cities from a helicopter. Checkity Check.


The proposal. Check.


Proposal Planning: The Heart Bandits // Proposal Photography: Candid Proposals