Ericka and Zach's Bungee Jump Proposal

Zach and I met at Sandiago’s Mexican Grill in 2005 where we both got our start in the working world. Zach was aBungee Jump Proposaldishwasher, and I was a hostess. Over the years, we both became servers at the restaurant, and as the friendship grew so did our feelings for each other. In 2011, I broke up with my boyfriend and that is when things really started to heat up! From that point on Zach was in full pursuit, and when his mind is set, it is set! Although, it took me quite some time to realize, all I ever needed was right in front of me!

In the beginning of 2012 we started to date. It had been a long pursuit for Zach and he was ready to give up, but with a little encouragement from mutual friends, Zach continued to reach out. From that first date, we realized we were perfect for each other! Although Zach tells me, “It was love at first sight!” It wasn’t until after those first couple dates that I knew, I had met the man of my dreams.

On Valentine’s Day of 2012, we… well… I finally allowed the relationship to be made “official”, although it was clear that we were already a couple. The relationship was strong and everyone could see just how well the two of us balanced each other out!

how they asked: I’ll let Zach start out…. (there’s a video below)

We were making our regular trip to Vegas for the weekend. Ericka and her girlfriends were going to see their THIRD Lady Gaga concert at the MGM. I had casually discussed interest in jumping off the Stratosphere the trip prior, but we never had time, so this year I set it up! I told her that we should do this the Sunday after the concert. Ericka was all for it! My plan was set in motion, we were going to take the big leap together, and at the bottom I was going to propose. I enlisted our two close friends Chris and Loren, wedding photographers, to help capture and execute the moment. Everything would be ready, on the day of Loren even had a bottle of champagne-on ice in her purse for the celebration after.

That Sunday morning after eating brunch at the Bacchanal Buffet, we made our way over to the Stratosphere. Now, I insisted we both have the GoPro’s on, to film us during the jump, and that I would jump first. Ericka was clueless and gave in to both. (Although there was some hesitation to the GoPros initially, we got her to do it.)

This was it. The big moment. I took the first leap! I had so much adrenaline running through me. I yelled a message to Ericka as I was falling on my GoPro. Loren still insists that I landed like “Superman!”. Honestly it was such a huge rush, my hands were shaking, I just remember going to get ready for Ericka to come down, we didn’t have a lot of time. We rolled out this big Banner and Chris and Loren were in position. It was intense, everyone watching, strangers asking to see the ring, it was awesome! Then the countdown started for Ericka’s jump.

Bungee Jump Proposal


Bungee Jump Proposal
Bungee Jump Proposal

Proposal at the Las Vegas Stratosphere



I’ll let Ericka finish the story…

After standing at the edge, looking out over the strip, 855 feet in the air, I took the jump! It was about half way down through the fall that I even looked towards the ground, I saw this huge banner displaying the words “WILL YOU MARRY ME?”, this is like, what every girl dreams of! But the first thing that ran through my head was “That can’t be for me!”. Once I hit the ground, my knees buckled and I almost fell over! I knew it was real. Zach was waiting for me. He started walking towards me, got down on one knee, and he showed me THE MOST magnificent diamond ring! Then he asked me, “Will you marry me?” I said, “Yes of course!” There was no question needed, my answer was always, yes.

We drank champagne with our friends and took a limo back to the hotel. Later that night went to see the Cirque du Soleil show, Zarkana, we were bumped up to the VIP lounge section front and center. When we got back to the room, he had roses waiting for me.

It was the perfect weekend and the happiest day in our relationship so far!








Proposal at the Las Vegas Stratosphere

Proposal at the Las Vegas Stratosphere

Proposal at the Las Vegas Stratosphere

Proposal at the Las Vegas Stratosphere

Photographers: Chris Dunn & Loren Billington | The Sky Jump!: The Stratosphere