Enytha and Itay

How We Met

It’s the old classic tale of a boy met a girl and asked her out, then the girl arrived more than an hour late (was slightly hammered after a few glasses of wine session with her girlfriends) and totally forgot whatever happened on the first date. The next thing she knows that she was told that she already kept on calling the boy as her boyfriend all night long, little did she know that the boy will be her one and only.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in BALI

Wedding Proposal Ideas in BALI

We met in 2015, a few months after I arrived in London to pursue my master degree at Marangoni, taking Fashion Luxury Branding. Growing up in Bali with an amazing support system of my family, leaving for London was a wee bit hard since all of my family are still Bali based, so basically I’m all alone. Then I met Itay, a Jewish guy who’s born and raised in Brussels but has been living in London since his university life in Oxford. We came from two totally different worlds, he’s an amazingly nerdy guy who’s graduated on top of his class (yeah from Oxford, like the actual nerdy Oxford University) and works in finance (he works in hedge fund), and me a fashion PR wannabe (which I eventually become one – working for Karla Otto and some other agencies throughout the years).

But this differences didn’t get in the way, our relationship has started ever since I laid my eyes on the guy who’s patiently waiting for me (for an hour or more) outside of a bar near my student accommodation for our first date. Few months in here came my birthday and also the very first time we shared a birthday together. I’m the type of person who made a big deal of birthday and of course he’s being my total opposite, he loathed birthdays except for mine. He (well, figuratively) moved mountains and else to make me feel special on my birthday, he arranged a surprise with my girlfriends at my favorite Indian restaurant – Dishoom and booked the whole capsule of London Eye for a private viewing for my very first birthday that we celebrated together.

He got me roses, balloons, knife (with my name engraved on it since I told him I wanted one, I mean common) and a pinkie pie doll (cause I’m a huge fan of my little pony, and yes it’s never too old). I can go on and on about how amazing he is and how beautiful our relationship is. But if you asked when did I know he’s the one, it was right after my big final terms and I was partying too hard and got hammered (like legit hammered that I don’t know what was happening), then I went to his place and apparently I vomited all around his apartment. And guess what, him being the gentleman that he is, he took care of me the whole night. Until the next day when I realized I fucked up and felt too embarrassed of everything, I was about to run out of his place and he was asking why I wanted to leave and held my hands while giving me a set of my little pony PEZ dispenser (cause I collect it). He said, happy 3 months in, despite everything that happened that night.

That’s when I knew he’s my one and only. :)

how they asked

Every December, we always went back home to Bali and few days in other parts of Asia. Last year, he kept on asking to ensure that my whole family will be home when we went to Bali. I wasn’t thinking much of it but it got a wee bit obvious when he said he had arranged a family dinner and everyone needs to wear white.

Everyone was there including Bibik who’s basically been with our family ever since I wasn’t even born so she was like a grandma to me. I had a feeling that something special would happen since the diner setting was too special for no special occasion dinner and there’s a menu with our name on it so I was like I think he’s gonna propose which he did after the dessert!

He got on one knee while the acoustic band playing Home by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zero (this is our song) and of course I said YESS :)

Then we danced the night away with Moonlight Serenade. Perfect night!