Katheryne and Enmanuel

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How We Met

Manny and I met through mutual friends during senior year in high school, back when people still had MySpace. I was incredibly bold (which is super out of character for me) and made the first move because I saw him on my friends “top friends” list (which is also his best friend) and eventually we went on our very first date a few weeks later, to go see the movie Premonition with Saundra Bullock (which until this day we joke about how poor of a movie choice that was). It wasn’t “official” between us yet because we were both going away to school that summer. However, we always kept In touch throughout the years. He was always my “Mr. Big.” No matter who I was dating, I always had him in the back of my mind. Later, I transferred back home for school and we gave the relationship a shot but it didn’t work. We were still very young and wanted different things. Many years later, we rekindled our romance and the rest is history! We’ve been together over 3 years and a half.

how they asked

I have always been obsessed with hiking and mountains. Ever since I was young, I would joke with my friends about whoever chooses to marry me would know well enough to propose to me on top of a mountain. This particular weekend, manny and I made plans to go hiking in Bear Mountain. I was so excited because 1) I had always wanted to go there and 2) I was going to be able to share that hiking experience with manny. So I made sure my phone was fully charged to take an exceeding amount of pictures. As we got to a portion of the hike, I had thought we reached the top and said “this would be a perfect proposal spot” and he just laughed it off.

I was wondering how he knew his way around the hike so well and claimed he had been there a long time ago with his friend. He was texting a lot during the hike but I didn’t think anything of it. We kept going and when we arrived at the top, I was in awe and wanted to get my best shots of the view. He suggested I step a little higher to get a better picture and so of course I did. I quickly was going to step back down because it was too high and I turned around to step back he was already down on one knee!

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I thought it was an awful joke because I was joking about it earlier on the other ledge. I kept saying “is this a joke?”. But he opened up the little box in his hand and it was the engagement ring that I always wanted. When I looked up, I noticed two of his friends behind the bushes taking pictures of the entire proposal. He had been texting them the whole time, keeping them up to date on our hike since they were waiting for us at the top. After I said yes, he put the ring on my finger and handed me a DVD of the movie Premonition. It was the first movie we saw on our first date when we were young; he wanted to incorporate something from our first date for the proposal. I was in so much shock, I also didn’t realize he had a Kobe Bryant jersey under his jacket. It’s his favorite player, which he wanted to wear for the proposal. I had no suspicions at all, he pulled it off perfectly! It turned out better than how I had imagined originally.

Apparently, he had been planning this for months and knew his way around the hike because he went there to practice with his friends weekends before. He had gone to speak with my parents to ask for their blessing the day before but everyone was acting so calm and collected, I suspected nothing. Hence, why I thought it was joke!

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