Enjoli and Wendell

How We Met

We originally met in 2014. We have a mutual friend. At the time she was an artist and had a concert I did background vocals for. He was part of producing her project. Apparently, he was trying to meet me, but I always disappeared as he tells it. Nothing else came of it.

We met again in 2016. My church needed a/v guy and the musician (another mutual friend) invited him to check out the position. He said he knew when he saw me again I was the one. I didn’t pay he ANY attention lol.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in On my birthday at Bucca di Beppo

How They Asked

So listen, my birthday is August 16 right?. Right. The week leading up to my birthday was the absolute worst! Murphy’s Law clearly had his way in my life at that point. Had issues with my job, finances were all over the place, my child was going through it. She literally had no place to go to school because of a mistake a public school employee. Mind you school started 8/15. So on top of that her anxiety of going to a new school, making sure she had what she needed took a toll on me. I told my fiance to cancel my birthday dinner he planned for me. I was stressed and mentally exhausted. The problem got rectified so my child was set to start school on my bday, which was enough of a gift for me. My fiance had some hardships of his own so I didn’t expect a gift. The fact that he planned a dinner meant enough.

So he convinced me that I should still have dinner with my friends because I deserved to have a moment and be celebrated. Fine lol. We went to Buca de Beppo and during the course of the evening, the group laughed and joked as we normally do. It was time for dessert and the servers came out and sang. It was so cute. But my fiance uncovered my dessert and it was a box. This was my face. He got down on one knee and proposed. Turned out everyone knew!! Even my daughter (like how did she keep that secret??)!! My whole family knew back in Cleveland too!! It was the best surprise I’ve ever experienced, especially after the week I had!!!