Enifer and Vladimir

How We Met

Vlad saw a picture of me and thought I was cute so he asks for my number. Slowly we started talking everyday. One day he asked to meet me so he came to my college when I was studying in the library. He walked up behind me and scared me!! From this day we were just friends until one day he asked me to be him girlfriend.

how they asked

Image 1 of Enifer and Vladimir

It was an ordinary evening where me and my sisters decided to have a girls night out while I waiting for Vlad to end work so we can go celebrate our one year anniversary. I have a passion for photography so we went on a mini girls photo shoot. My older sister was dragging me across the whole place saying “oh take a pic of me here no no here!” I had no idea this was all planned. As we got to the beautiful rose garden, I started clicking away with the camera. My other sister started complaining that we where taking to long. As I turned around to focus my attention on her, right there in front of me just a couple of feet away stood the love of my life on one knee. Through the tears of joy, i can see him holding a small white box. My heart was pounding!! Was this a dream? I slowly walked toward him nervously. “Enifer Kolesnikovich. This past year I was with you was a blessing. I would love to extend this time with you. Will you marry me?” All I did was nod with the biggest smile on my face. As I gave him a hug, I whispered “yes!” In his ear. Our journey begins here. #welcomethesmals #howtheyasked