What You Need to Know About Engagement Ring Trends for 2018

Diamonds may be forever, but jewelry trends are not. What’s in, what’s out and the changing nature of how people shop for diamonds—all are hot topics here at HHA. Obviously, we love a good proposal story and obsessing over all the amazing #RingSelfies out there. We also love checking in with our favorite jewelry designers from time to time to see what styles have been making their way to left hands everywhere.

To update us for 2018, we brought in jewelry expert Joshua Kaufman, CEO of Martin Flyer, who’s been in the business for more than 20 years. Martin Flyer is one of the most well-known jewelry makers, especially in the bridal space. The company’s FlyerFit line of engagement rings and wedding bands fit together perfectly, eliminating the dreaded gap (you know what we’re talking about!) that happens when two rings don’t line up quite right. We asked Kaufman to give us the rundown on what we’ll be seeing more of this year.

Trend No. 1: Classic looks are making a comeback.

While the classic solitaire setting is beloved by brides-to-be, more classic looks are coming back in style too. One such example is the three-stone ring, where a center diamond is flanked on both sides by another gem, usually a smaller diamond. The three-stone style had its heyday about 20 years ago, says Kaufman. They’re back in a big way now, he says, in part because “the consumer is looking for what they think is different and what they haven’t seen much of before.” Pear and other fancy-shaped diamonds that were popular 20 years ago are also making a splash for the same reason.

(Pro tip: If you want the look of a larger sparkler without ponying up the extra cash, the three-stone setting, with its side-by-side rocks, is the way to go.)

Engagement ring, MartinFlyer.com


Engagement ring, MartinFlyer.com

Trend No. 2: Rose and yellow gold are on the rise.

We’re seeing an influx of rose and yellow gold rings these days. Thanks to celebrity wearers like Blake Lively, who sports rose gold, and Lauren Conrad, whose ring has a yellow gold band, more and more women are setting their sights on colored metals, even as platinum and white gold remain popular.


Engagement ring, MartinFlyer.com

Engagement ring, MartinFlyer.com

Trend No. 3: Small diamond accents aren’t going anywhere.

“When I first started out, there was no micropavé,” Kaufman says. Instead, those wanting a more elaborate look likely chose a sizable center stone and then added baguettes or trapezoids on the sides. But once the recession hit in 2008, the cost of diamonds doubled, according to Kaufman. “This forced manufacturers to use smaller stones to maintain similar price points and still achieve a satisfying look,” he says. This is also when halos—a perimeter of small diamonds that surround a center stone—became a super-popular feature, as it allowed consumers to buy a smaller center stone, but get a larger feel for the same budget. It also paved the way for micropavé, in which tiny diamonds are set so close together you can see very little of the band’s metal. “Today, a very popular style is French-cut micropavé with a split shank or twisted infinity shanks,” Kaufman says.

Engagement ring, MartinFlyer.com

Trend No. 4: Browsing online but buying in-store is changing how people shop.

And when we say “people,” we do mean both men and women. According to The Knot 2017 Jewelry and Engagement Study, 33 percent of couples shopped together for an engagement ring, and our own how they asked member study showed that 59 percent of women had open discussions with their partners about what they wanted. At the same time, the ring-buying process is evolving. “Ten out of 10 bridal consumers search online today,” Kaufman notes, “even though only one in 10 buy online.” This hybrid approach to shopping can make searching online—where there’s unlimited ring styles to browse—feel overwhelming. To help bridge that gap, Martin Flyer created The Five Classifications of Bridal Jewelry , making it much easier for a shopper to zero in on what they like and communicate that to a jeweler. (For the record, the five categories of ring styles include solitaire, three-stone, channel-set, shared prong and micropavé.)


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