Engagement Ring Trends of 2016

We see hundreds and hundreds of engagement rings every month, so of course we tend to notice a few patterns. In the beginning part of 2016, we started seeing 5 particular trends worth talking about. We’re using examples from James Allen Rings, since they’re an online retailer that carries every style imaginable (literally). The good news is that there’s something for everyone – from classic to boho, or even a combination of both.

Trend 1 – Oval engagement rings

We’re going to start here because it might be our favorite new trend. Oval engagement rings are becoming increasingly more popular and we’re over the moon to report it. They are everything you want in a design – classy, classic, unique and effortlessly elegant. We’ve been seeing a lot of oval cut diamonds paired with a thin halo and a thin band – and we’ve even been seeing a lot of them in gold or rose gold too.

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Trend 2 – Colored stones

Kate Middleton’s blue sapphire engagement ring is one of the more known examples, but there are tons of celebrities and well-loved women who wear colored rings. Carrie Underwood and Kelly Clarkson have fancy yellow stones, Penelope Cruz and Carey Mulligan both have sapphires in their rings, and Carrie Bradshaw (we know she’s fictional…) got proposed to with a black diamond. Whether you choose a colored stone for your center stone or you accent your bands with a color or two, there are many ways to incorporate this trend into your dream ring. See how James Allen does it here.

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Trend 3 – Vintage-inspired engagement rings

There’s a difference between vintage and vintage-inspired. Vintage is something that was actually made in decades past, but vintage-inspired is a brand new ring styled with hints of any era your chic heart desires. Here’s a ring with baguettes and milgrain details – both popular in the early 20th century. And below, you can see a 6-prong marquise. Marquise-cut diamonds originated with the French Monarchy in 1745 and, if you ask us, anything that hails from Paris is inherently regal. The shape saw a lot of popularity in the 1980’s, and now we’re [happily] seeing them come back around!

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Trend 4 – Gold + Rose Gold engagement rings

This is a trend we’re really excited to see. We first noticed when Lauren Conrad showed off her rose gold solitaire a few years ago. The use of gold or rose gold in engagement rings is an easy way to bring something unique to an otherwise classic design. These days, people are mixing metals like crazy, so you don’t have to worry about making yourself match from head to toe. Here are a bunch more yellow gold and rose gold rings.

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Trend 5 – Solitaire engagement rings

Okay, so we wouldn’t call this a new trend by any means, but a solitaire will never go out of style and therefore it will always be high on our list. There are a few great things about a solitaire, but the first is how classic and timeless it is. The second is how easy it is to pair with other rings and wedding bands – perhaps something on the more unique side so that you get your fix of both everlasting and trendy. And the third is how perfectly prominent it makes your diamond look! Even in its simplicity, a solitaire always stands out. Browse solitaires here.

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