Engagement Photos We Love and How to Recreate Them

Whether or not you captured your proposal on camera, we highly recommend taking engagement photos. They’re timeless keepsakes, great for save the dates and other wedding announcements, and above all, engagement photos are perfect practice for having fun and getting comfortable in front of the camera before your wedding day.

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As you plan your engagement session, here are some photos we love and the location or items you need to recreate them. Your photographer will have different poses and angles they want to photograph you at so don’t worry about planning that (though you should tell your photog if you have some in mind). Just bring yourself, your love, and anything else special you want to include.

Family photos

You and your sweetheart aren’t the only ones that should pose in front of the camera. Bring your children (human or fur baby) into some of the photos for a family photo shoot and engagement session double win! If your children are infant or toddler age be sure to bring a family member or friend to occupy them as you take couple photos.

Full story: Haley and Cody | Photography: Kathleen Marie Ward Photography

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bring the pets

Your pets are a big part of your relationship. Why not celebrate them in your engagement photos? It’s not often you get a group photo of you and your pets together, especially one where everyone is looking at the camera at once, so take advantage of having a photographer there to do the work for you. Just be sure to let your photographer know they’ll be coming and you want some photos with them. And as we mentioned above with children, make sure you bring someone to watch them or have somewhere they can be safe while you take photos without them.

Full story: Scott and Mark | Photography: Valentina Perez Imaging

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include props

Signs, special keepsakes, you name it. We’re not saying your engagement photos should be a show and tell of your prized possessions, but signs with the date of your wedding or an object that has sentimental meaning are great. “My pawrents are getting married” signs for your pet are always a hit!

Full story: Katie and Timothy | Photography: John David Weddings

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embrace the weather

As much as you might want a crisp, clear, gorgeous day, you sadly can’t control the weather and you may find some less than ideal skies or precipitation come the day of your engagement session. Don’t let this get you down though, changes in weather can make for some breathtaking photos.

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Full story: Julia and Vitalii | Photography: Smirnova Photography

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hit the beach

“I like long walks on the beach is a phrase for a reason.” Rolling waves, colorful skies, maybe even a gorgeous sunset. Does it get any better than that? We can’t promise a rainbow on your photo shoot day, but hey, you never know.

Full story: Jeff and Jeremiah | Photography: Mikel Razo Photographer

Full story: Randi and Amber | Photography: Chrissy Gilmartin Photography

take a trip

Any excuse to travel is a good one. If you’re planning a vacation (or are looking for a reason to) head to your favorite city or explore new territory with a destination engagement. Just make sure you do your research on photographers and locations you want to visit way in advance if it’s a place you’re not familiar with.

Full story: Nicole and Jamey | Photography: Antoine Monfajon

Full story: Melanie and Alex | Photography: Alicia Yarrish Photography

Have fun

Use your engagement photos to showcase your personality as a couple, and have fun with it. If you and are your partner are always laughing or having an adventure, highlight that in your photo, whether you go on a fun date for your shoot, head to a carnival, or hit your favorite coffee place.

Full story: Meg and Brandon | Photography: A Nash Photography

Full story: Victoria and Juan | Photography: Cortiella Photography

highlight your Uniform

If you or your partner wear a uniform, whether it be military, police, fire, etc. your engagement session is a wonderful time to highlight your role, wear your uniform, and get some detailed shots.

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Full story: Maddison and Zach | Photography: Elizabeth Victoria

get dressed up

It can be fun to find an excuse to get dressed up. Looking and feeling your best will help you get comfortable in front of the camera, meaning your photos will turn out extra amazing. Just be sure you and your partner are on the same page for what dressing up means so you don’t find yourself in a last minute spat over who needs to change before you leave.

Full story: Shanteya and Kelvin | Photography: Megan Pettus Videography

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It’s not called the golden hour for nothing.The gorgeous colors of a sunset offer the perfect backdrop for your romantic moment.

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