Your Top Questions About Planning an Engagement Party – Answered

You’ve popped the question and are ready to pop the champagne! And, as you make the rounds sharing the big news with family and friends (glass of bubbly in hand), you might all of the sudden find yourself saying “Yes!” all over again – to the question, “Are you having an engagement party?” But, after just having pulled off the perfect proposal, you might not have thought about kicking off your celebratory season. Today, then, we are answering your questions from “When should I have an engagement party?” to “Who do I invite?” Read on for our best advice to get your wedding party started!

Photo by Bohemes Jubilee | Cake by InTheMix

How long after getting engaged should I have an engagement party?

While there isn’t an exact etiquette around this, there are a few things to consider to help you determine when it’s best for you. Guests typically need about a month’s notice to RSVP to an invitation but it also takes time to lock down a venue, so most people end up hosting engagement parties a few months after their proposal. Plus, you want to plan your engagement party before getting into the thick of wedding planning so that you don’t stress yourself out with trying to juggle both.

Who should I invite to my engagement party?

Being engaged is an exciting time but resist the urge to invite the world. Even though you might want to celebrate saying “Yes!” with your entire contact list, the general rule here is to only invite people who would also be invited to your wedding. Keep your guest list to close family and friends and you’re good to go.

How much does an engagement party cost?

Engagement parties can be everything from intimate at-home celebrations to large formal affairs and, as a result, they can cost anything from a few hundred dollars to much, much more. Just be sure to spend what you are comfortable budgeting, since saving for your wedding budget is the priority.

How do I make my engagement party special?

There are lots of ways to make your engagement party special and it really starts with making it personal. A few of our favorite ideas? From printing a photo of the moment you popped the question for guests to sign, to serving the wine from your first date, or hiring an acoustic guitarist to play your favorite songs, pulling in parts of your story as a couple is a great way to bring in details that make it memorable.

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