Jasmine and Jonathan | Engaged on Easter

How We Met: We attended the same college and had a lot of mutual friends, but were never more than acquaintances. We would cross paths at sorority and fraternity events and always had eyes on each other. We then graduated college and ran into each other on memorial day weekend 3 years ago down the jersey shore. We have been dating ever since and now we’re ENGAGED!

Image 1 of Jasmine and Jonathan | Engaged on Easter

Image 2 of Jasmine and Jonathan | Engaged on Easterhow they asked: Jonathan and I went to his parents house for Easter where they were having their annual “Easter Egg Hunt”.

Jonathan’s mother announced that whomever collected the most “Fluorescent Eggs” would win the “Golden Egg”, even adults!

He took me outside, casually leading me away from the rest of his family towards these Fluorescent Eggs, that he had secretly planted while I was chatting with his sisters earlier.

When we got back inside I realized that I had collected the most florescent eggs!!!

He handed me the Golden Egg, when I opened it I found a handwritten note that said “Jasmine, Will you Marry Me?”.

I looked up and saw him kneeling before me!

Image 3 of Jasmine and Jonathan | Engaged on Easter