Autumn and Matt | Engaged at Central Park in NYC

IMG_7920How we met: Matt and I met online through a mutual friend that I was originally interested in. Matt was relentless and wouldn’t give up until I met him in person. We went to a coffee place in Akron, OH and stayed there for at least 4 hours just talking away. I never felt so comfortable with a person I just met, I’m on the shy side. He brought out my outgoingness.

how they asked: I went to NYC with my friends Mary and Melissa. I knew Matty was coming but due to various reasons we had to leave at separate times. So the first day in the city I wasn’t able to see him because he got there late and his phone was dead.

The next day I felt like I was kind of on a scavenger hunt to find him. Well not really. But my friends knew where he was and I didn’t. I wasn’t allowed to know. I was convinced he was going to scare me in the city. Well we all got to Central Park, my absolute favorite place in the city, and walked around. Melissa told me to walk ahead because she had to tell Mary something. More secrets, grrrr. So I saw a pretty view and stopped to take a picture. They caught up to me and we proceeded forward. Next thing I know my arm is being grabbed and I’m getting twirled around. I was absolutely terrified! Then I saw Matt’s face and was relieved! He gets down on one knee and asks me to marry him. Then his friend, Branden, comes out of the bushes holding his video camera. He got it all on film! That’s so fun and exciting. But more importantly, I’M ENGAGED!!!!

Apparently before he left, Matt told my grandpa what he planned on doing and my grandpa told him that he was the right man for it. When I told my mom she started crying at work. She said that Matt was a beautiful man for doing that in my favorite place ever. His dad and step mom welcomed me to the family too. Matt said not one person disapproved of him doing this. That’s a great feeling. This feels so right. I belong with him.

He’s absolutely perfect. He also made sure that our hotel was facing the NY skyline so I could see it all lit up at night and first thing in the morning.

Engaged at Central Park in NYC

Oh and he picked out a fabulous ring. I’m seriously the luckiest girl in the world. I couldn’t picture anyone else by my side. He changed my view on marriage and made this something I really want instead of something I could care less for.


Engaged at Central Park in NYC

I’m excited to spend the rest of my life with him.

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