Enes and Wes

How We Met

Enes and I (Wes) grew up two minutes apart in Denver, Colorado. We attended the same kiddie swimming classes, shopped at the same stores and even went the same high school. But we never once met.

Years after graduating in 2009, we connected on social media due to a network of mutual friends. We saw each others love for travel, so we followed the one another’s adventures online.

In December, 2017, we both happened to be traveling through Amsterdam and decided to meet up for a coffee. The connection we felt in that tiny, little cafe was unlike anything we’d felt before, but we each had to continue our travels, so we parted ways.

Eventually, we both returned to the US, I went back to Vegas where I was living at the time, and Enes back to Colorado. A few months later, l returned to Denver for a family visit, and we decided to grab some dinner and catch up.

That’s all we needed, the sparked between us turned into a full on wildfire and our love took off. Enes dropped everything, quit his job and moved to Vegas to be with me. We worked hard for a year, saved up money and have been traveling full-time since July 2019.

How They Asked

Apparently Enes had been planning this proposal for months. He had been working with a jeweler in the US to custom design a ring for me, but shipping a ring internationally can be risky. So he devised a plan.

I am a type A personality woman. I like to have my hands in everything, plan things ahead of time and feel in control. This is something Enes knew very well, so he figured the only way to surprise me, was to give me the reins and basically have me plan the entire proposal without even knowing it.

We have a friend in the states named Jordan who was hoping to meet up with us in Egypt. When his boss told him he couldn’t have the time off work, we were crushed. But when Jordan’s boss changed her mind, Enes told him to reach out to me, asking if I want to “surprise” Enes by flying him out to meet us.

Of course I took the bait and was totally on board! I spent weeks planning the surprise for Enes, creating an itinerary for the three of us to experience the best of Egypt, all in one week. One thing in particular, was an early morning photoshoot at the Sphinx and Pyramids.

It was all going to plan. Jordan and I effectively “surprised” Enes at the Cairo Airport and he played it off perfectly. I was really impressed we were able to pull it off, little did I know it was all a part of Enes’ master plan. Jordan carried with him the ring that Enes had designed.

We love to do photo shoots wearing dresses and suits, so when Enes and I got dressed that morning for the Sphinx shoot, it was nothing out of the ordinary. We showed up, framed the shot and handed the camera to Jordan to shoot for us.

Enes and I got into position, when suddenly he started playing our song on his phone. Sometimes we listen to music when we shoot, so this too was normal, if not a bit more romantic than usual.

It wasn’t until he took my hands, looked me in my eyes, and began telling me how much he loves me that I was caught off guard. Before I knew it, his hand was pulling a little, blue box from his pocket while he dropped down to one knee. He then said those 4 magic words, “Will you marry me?”. I was so eager to kiss him, I almost forgot to shout out, “Yes!”.

It was the most magical moment of our lives and now we are engaged to be married! He completely surprised me by basically having me surprise myself!

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