Emmalee and Alec

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How We Met

Alec and I met the summer before I started high school. We were already familiar with each other as we grew up in a small town but never really were friends before. My parents would not let me date Alec! He was a year older and, growing up in the conservative setting I did, just didn’t fit what my parents thought of as a “good fit.” Being the rebellious young teens we were, we didn’t listen and have been together ever since. Not a moment has gone by where we haven’t been enjoying life and growing up together. And even my parents admit, he is my perfect complement and soul mate.

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How They Asked

The weekend of the proposal, Alec had everything planned out. He went away to college and for 3 out of the 7 years we had been dating, had been long distance. Alec had set up a bachelorette weekend prior to the engagement filled with dancing, manicures, and massages with my closest group of friends. My friends had used the excuse of a girls weekend before we all went our separate ways back to college leaving me oblivious to how the weekend would unfold. One of my friends is a photographer and told us all to get dressed up to go take some photos on a rooftop before dinner.

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Still oblivious, my most fashion-forward friend had offered to let me borrow some clothes for our photoshoot, an all-white dress should have been my first hint. We planned to do a surprise progressive dinner to end our fun girls weekend where everyone would be blindfolded and the driver would take us to a restaurant for an appetizer! Little did I know I was the only one blindfolded. We pulled up to the location and I was unblindfolded as our song “Can’t Help Falling in Love” played as I am welcomed and surrounded by family and friends.

I look up to my surprise to see my future fiancé under a tree surrounded by a cascade of lights at dusk. A DREAM. The proposal itself was everything I could have imagined, the moment between us was private and as Alec got down on one knee, fireworks went off behind us to seal the deal! To top EVERYTHING off, my ring is a one-of-a-kind piece Alec designed that holds diamonds from each mother, grandmother, and great grandmother from both our families. Truly magical.

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Special Thanks

Baleigh Thurman
 | Photographer