Emma and Ventzislav

Image 3 of Ventzislav and Emma

How We Met

We met while working abroad on a cruise ship in the entertainment department. I’m a musician/singer from the U.S. and she’s a singer/dancer from the U.K. We only really got to know each other during the last month of our contracts.

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We weren’t together for 6 months but kept messaging each other. We finally decided to make it official and visit each other on our respective ships. We then decided to do a contract together on the same ship. It was then that I knew that I wanted to marry her.

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How They Asked

The proposal was on the morning of New Year’s Eve at sunrise. It was perfect! We met our Flytographer, Maria, and she explained what she had in mind for us. Mind you, my fiancé didn’t know it was a proposal, she just thought it was a photoshoot. 15 minutes into the shoot, we find the perfect spot for the proposal. Our photographer let me know it was the spot by telling me the secret code! I took my time in making sure that every moment of the proposal was captured! And we couldn’t have been happier with how the photos turned out!

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