Emma and Todd

Emma's Proposal in Our home in Miami

How We Met

Todd and I met at two mutual friends joint birthday party. He went to support one friend and I was there for the other. We noticed each other right away and luckily before he left early to walk his new dog, we met. The next day he added me on Facebook and I knew I had seen his pictures somewhere before to looked up his name on Bumble (last matches) and there he was.

We had matched a year before but never went on a date. I was new to the app dating game at the time and when he shared his phone number I got nervous and never replied. I texted him explaining the coincidence and he asked to finally take me out for a drink and we’ve been together ever since.

How They Asked

It was the weekend of Art Basel in Miami so we spent the morning checking out satellite galleries but my mom (who I work with) told me I had to work that afternoon. I was all upset but had to suck it up. When I got to my office there were two colorful envelopes on my desk. I opened the first one and it said “Surprise! You don’t have to work today but you do have to work for your Christmas gift! Welcome to the scanner hunt.” And the next envelope was my first clue. There were 7 stops total and each one meant something to us as a couple (where we first said I love you, the first kiss, where we met, etc) and either friends or family were waiting for me to give me the next clue.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Our home in Miami

Where to Propose in Our home in Miami

The last stop was our house where Todd was anxiously waiting with champagne and our house full of red roses and white Christmas lights. He gave me my great grandmothers wedding ring which is over 110 years old. I swear I did not expect a proposal until he was on one knee!

Special Thanks

Catalina Ayubi
 | Photographer
Maureen Jauregui
 | My mom helped organize the proposal