Emma and Taylor

How We Met: In the Summer of 2012, I was interning at my church. I decided to host a girls event called “Call Me, Maybe” that discussed dating and what the Bible tells us about it. My best friend suggested I have Taylor be on the panel of guys who were answering the girls anonymous questions about dating. Not knowing who he was, I trusted her opinion and told her to call him up and ask if he was available! Taylor was able to come so I met him that weekend and afterwards never heard from him again. At the time I was not interested in dating so I didn’t think anything about it. Come August, the Fall semester began as well as football season. The game before Homecoming I saw Taylor on the field and realized he was on the team and in that moment decided I was going to make him a sign for the Homecoming game. When I told my friends my idea, they thought I was being REALLY outgoing, because Taylor was supposedly a pretty popular guy and people might look at me weird, but it was something I HAD to do. The following weekend (Homecoming game) me and my best friend made the walk to the stadium, sat in the second row of the student section, sign in hand, and when the team came out to stretch I lifted my sign in the air that read “#89 #1 fan, Call me, maybe?” Yep, not sure where I got the guts to do that but I continued to hold the sign up throughout the entire game! That night, Mr. Mason did call me and a week later asked me on our first date.

Image 1 of Emma and Taylor

how they asked: Two years and and 3 months later he asked me to be his Bride for the rest of forever and on August 29th, 2015 we will say “I do!”

Image 2 of Emma and Taylor

Image 3 of Emma and Taylor

Videographer: Evan Pierce @Pierceevan
Photographer: Cameron Waterworth @camwaterworth