Emma and Stefan

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Queenstown, New Zealand

How We Met

We first met working summer jobs at a golf course many years ago. Back then, I tried to flirt with Stefan but he was too shy to flirt back, so we remained friends for the summer and then lost touch. A couple of years later at my friends birthday party, Stefan happened to be playing in the band! My other friend, Emily was with me who also worked with us at the golf course that summer. We all started chatting and Emily dared me to ask Stefan for his phone number at the end of the evening. I did, and we went on a pretty amazing first date that ended up lasting all day. We have been inseparable ever since, and have even moved across the globe and back together.

Emma's Proposal in Queenstown, New Zealand

How They Asked

At the time we were living in Queenstown, New Zealand. It was winter and Stefan had booked a horseback riding adventure through the mountain ranges and rivers of Glenorchy. It was absolutely gorgeous and I later found out Stefan had hoped to pop the question on our horseback ride.

Where to Propose in Queenstown, New Zealand

However, there was more people around and less privacy than expected so he held off. On our way home as one of our favourite songs was playing, we stopped to take a picture of the beautiful sunset over the mountains. I was taking a panorama of the view and suddenly Stefan was behind me on one knee and proposed. He expressed how special our relationship is and how he had been waiting for the perfect place and how he realized the perfect place was wherever I was. I obviously said yes and the rest is history!

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 | Photographer