Emma and Scott

Image 1 of Emma and Scott

How We Met

We met at work. I saw him across the cafeteria in the office and he had a smile I knew I needed to know. I ended up pursuing him the way people expect millennials to…I dropped into his Facebook messenger. The rest is history! Except a fun extra detail is that 3 weeks into dating, we went to a wedding and caught the bouquet and garter…fate!

How They Asked

One of my favorite things to do is to go on “family walks” with our sweet black lab rescue pup, Baker, that we adore. We live near Portage Lakes in the Akron, OH area and on this particular Saturday, we took Baker to the Portage Lakes State Park for a family walk. As we were wrapping up our walk, Scott asked if I wanted to go sit out on the dock for a bit (I always love sitting out there).

Image 5 of Emma and Scott

While we were sitting there, he asked Baker what he would think about me sharing their last name…next thing I knew, Scott was down on one knee asking me to be his wife. We both teared up. It was so special and as perfect as can be! It was unexpected (I had no makeup on, my hair in a day-old bun, and no manicure thanks to quarantine), and included all of my favorite things – the water and my boys! To top it all off, Scott arranged for his friend to be there in hiding to capture the moment.

Image 2 of Emma and Scott

Since it all happened while in quarantine, we calling it our “quar-engagement!”

Image 3 of Emma and Scott

Image 4 of Emma and Scott