Emma and Morgan

Emma's Proposal in Mission Trails, San Diego

How We Met

Morgan and I first met on a train heading to Hollywood. We both had received “extra” tickets from a mutual friend to a concert at the Hollywood Bowl, and last minute, decided to go! (During the train ride, I bought some snacks from the snack car and when he tried to pay for me, I said, “No thank you!”) It’s easy to say that I was a hard sell.

Morgan knew right away that I was the one. I didn’t until about a year later. But during that time, his pursuit of me was relentless. Poems, love letters, and sweet surprises were “the norm” for him.

Luckily, that hasn’t changed. Two Septembers later, we are crazy in love and looking forward to spending forever together!

how they asked

A “sister photoshoot” turned into a surprise PROPOSAL!

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After taking fun pictures with my younger sister all morning, we arrived at our last “destination,” to see a beautiful scene.

Emma and Morgan's Engagement in Mission Trails, San Diego

Red roses lined the path, the trees were strung with hundreds of photos that told our story and my little brother serenaded me on the guitar.

As I made my way down the path, I saw Morgan standing there, smiling bigger than I had ever seen him smile. He proposed by reading me a poem he wrote titled, “Eternity,” and then he got down on one knee!

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As he shouted, “She said yes!” My parents appeared out of the bushes. We screamed, we cried, and we popped champagne.

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What a dream!

Special Thanks

Devon Lima
 | Photographer