Emma and Joshua

Where to Propose in London, England

How We Met

I was 25 years old and had never had a boyfriend. I was happily single and determined not to settle for anyone less than amazing. I had recently moved to London, from my homeland Australia. I went over to the UK to teach and travel. Little did I know that my husband-to-be was also waiting on the other side of the world!

A girlfriend I went to high school with had recently met and married and British man and moved over to the UK. Since I was now living in the UK too, I thought I would visit her. It was during this time, that her and her husband first mentioned this guy named, ‘Joshua’ who they knew. They had already told him months before about me! He sounded like a dream and I agreed to a double date. I was so nervous on the date that I ignored him the entire time! Surprisingly, he was still interested in catching up again, and here began a string of dates. I eventually had to return to Australia and we dated over FaceTime for 6 long months. Being a teacher Joshua would fly over every school holidays to spend time with me. Until I couldn`t take the goodbyes anymore and I agreed to move back to England where we could date properly. Here we enjoyed 9 months of adventure together.

Today we have travelled a total of 114,396 KM to see each other and had about 1,642 FaceTime calls.


Marriage Proposal Ideas in London, England

Emma's Proposal in London, England

Engagement Proposal Ideas in London, England

Emma and Joshua's Engagement in London, England

how they asked

While my parents were visiting me from Australia, Joshua organised a family trip to Richmond, London with his family and mine. Richmond is a beautiful spot resting on the River Thames where Joshua and I used to go on many dates. Just before he proposed he asked me to pick a bouquet of flowers of my choice and join him on a walk by the River Thames. The family had suddenly disappeared into a shop, and it was just us. He took me to exact spot where we had our first kiss (which was actually my first EVER kiss!), got down on one knee and asked me to marry him!

Meanwhile, my Dad being the brilliant photographer that he is, was hiding in a nearby bush with his camera and captured the whole event! It was meaningful, sentimental, and I did not settle for anyone less than amazing!

Two weeks after Joshua proposed, my Visa to stay in the United Kingdom was no longer valid and I suddenly and unexpectedly had to return to Australia, and back to long distance. Upon return, I was warmly greeted by my girlfriends and with a wedding to plan, Ive been keeping busy!

Special Thanks

John Montesi
 | Photographer