Emma and Josh

how we met

We met on a random Wednesday night at a bar that hosted dance contests. Josh had just moved to the area 2 months ago, and he had a friend visiting who wanted to go dancing which led him to this bar. I ended up there with some friends because our plans had fallen through but we had already dressed up to go out. While watching the terrible dancers, Josh approached me with the line “Some dance contest, huh?”, I responded with “Yeah” — and then he had no follow up and walked away. About an hour later he worked up the nerve to try again, coming over to us and talking to each of my friends before getting to me. We ended up talking the rest of the night and exchanged numbers (his line was “I’m new in town, do you want to be my friend?”). We texted for the next week, and then went on our first date — and the rest is history!

how they asked

We’d been together for over 5 years, so we’d talked about it a lot (and he’d also been bugged about it by our friends & family for years!). So I knew it was coming, just no idea when/where/how. While I was at work one day, he set up a scavenger hunt throughout our apartment and then had to leave on a 4-day work trip. When I got home, I found a cute note with instructions, and our Sonos speakers had been set up to play music in different rooms at specific times. I was supposed to only look for a clue in the room the music was playing, and if I failed I had to wait til the next day to continue. He thought it would take me all 4 days, but I ended up accidentally finding clue 3 first, which led me to where he had hidden the ring (inside one of my Harry Potter books!). I freaked out and didn’t look at it, waited until Josh’s plane landed and then called and told him what happened. Over FaceTime, he proposed and I opened the ring and sobbed (alone in our apartment haha). When he got back from his trip I made him do it again in person! It was hilariously “us” and I wouldn’t change anything.

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