Emma and Jonathan

Image 4 of Emma and Jonathan

How We Met

We met in a pub on Valentine’s weekend in my home town in South Wales. He was new to the town and I instantly felt a connection when he walked into the pub. I was going to talk to him and went to see his friend’s brother who was the pub DJ to ask who he was. Unfortunately, he had left the pub and I had to get back home, so I left my phone number with his friend’s brother hoping he’d call.

He called the next day and my nan took the message and his number. My nan lost the phone number he had left and I thought I might never see him again. Luckily his friend got him to come back up to my town the following weekend and he walked into the pub again. He walked over to me and we talked all night, he even walked me home.

We dated, and my friend and his friend also dated. Sadly his friend died in an accident the next year and left his girlfriend carrying his child.

How They Asked

We had been together for nearly two years. It was a valentines weekend and he had booked us a weekend break to Disneyland Paris and a sightseeing day trip to the city of Paris. We both love Disney and especially Beauty and the Beast as it is our favorite.

It was very cold in Disneyland, Big Thunder Mountain was closed because of an icy track but it was bright and sunny. We were going into Paris the next day and I was hoping he might propose there as he had said about Paris being the city of love.

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The proposal. We were on a ride called Storybook Land on a boat all by ourselves, it’s a slow boat ride passing miniatures of various Disney movies. He was fidgety but so was I as the weather was so cold. As we came around a corner and the Beauty and the Beast miniature came into view he started saying something. It went like this.

Him… This is the one we wanted to see.

Me… Yep, the best.

Him… Wouldn’t it be great if there was such a place?

Me… Yeah

Him… Maybe we could live there. Maybe we could be King and Queen.

Me… Yeah

Him… No, that doesn’t sound right. Maybe I could be your husband.

He pulls out a box as he gets down on one knee in this rickety boat. He pulls out an emerald ring.

Him… If you will be my wife.

As I finally got my composure I mumbled a yes, it was below freezing and it wasn’t until we got off the ride that I felt warm enough to give him a great big hug.

We met in 1997, got engaged in 1999, and finally got married in 2004. We spent our honeymoon at the Disneyland Paris hotel. Unfortunately, fate played a cruel game on us on the day we checked into the hotel. Knowing it was our honeymoon Disney had upgraded us to the honeymoon suite but unbeknown to us a couple from Spain with the same name had checked in first and been given the room. Several apology baskets were sent to us, all of which went to the room of the couple from Spain. To make matters a little worse one of our cameras got mixed up and almost half of our photos from Disneyland were double exposed and ruined.

Despite some misfortunes along the way we are still very happily married and both big Disney fans to this day and for infinity and beyond. We do plan on one day going back to Disneyland Paris for a second honeymoon.