Emma and Jesse

How We Met

Jesse and I originally met as freshmen in high school at Newport Harbor High School, but we didn’t end up getting together until we were juniors. Jesse had just moved from out of town and was new to our high school and as he likes to say, “I liked the new kid in town.” I have to admit he was grabbed my attention from day one! When we finally got together junior year, we both fell hard and fast. We had that typical high school romance and then I went away to college at SDSU.

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Thankfully it was only a few hours south of town and I was only away for a few years (and yeah…I made the trek back up almost every weekend to be with him). After two years of being apart, I transferred schools and went to CSULB and a year later Jesse got into the same school. There we were again, years later – college sweethearts. Now in Long Beach, living together for the first time! We were learning so much about each other and growing as a couple. We then graduated college in May 2019 and took a trip with the family to Maui – and the rest is history!

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How They Asked

Once we graduated from college, my family booked a trip to Maui. The first part of the trip was planned with family and the second part was just Jesse and I. When my family left, Jesse and I were left alone to travel and explore Maui by ourselves and enjoy and celebrate our graduation and the next chapter of our lives.

On the first night that we had alone, Jesse told me that he planned out the entire next day (he typically isn’t a planner – so this got me thinking!) – he told me to pick a nice outfit for the fancy restaurant that he had made reservations to.

The next day, we wake up and we get started on our day. We set out to the lunch reservations that Jesse had set up at Mama’s Fish House in Paia where we had the most amazing meal, ever. We then drive over to a beach that has an amazing cliff view of the ocean with a beach filled with sea turtles that are laying out on the sand. Jesse and I walked around the cliffs and the beach and admired everything in sight.

He then said we were going to take a drive to the other side of the island to catch the sunset. We drove to a secluded beach called Po’olenalena Beach. We walked out onto the beach and were standing there looking out at the cloudy weather (it was the one day the entire time that we were there that there wasn’t a sunset!). I turned around to look at what was behind me and to look around at my other surroundings and I looked back and Jesse was down on one knee! Best day.

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