Emma and Jamie

Image 1 of Emma and Jamie

How We Met

We met in 2011 at Southampton Solent University, the day after I moved into the Halls of Residence. We met for the first time out in the car park where everyone was stood in a circle introducing themselves to each other. Jamie was standing directly opposite to me and stood out to me from the moment he said “Hi, I’m Jamie” and I made an extra effort to speak to him for the rest of the evening. The following evening a small group of us had arranged to go out and had to buy our tickets online in sets of two. Naturally, I volunteered to buy mine and Jamie’s and later on the way in (to what turned out to be a terrible club that we left after ten minutes) Jamie shyly said “So… we’re like a couple for the evening then… that’s alright with me.”

Image 2 of Emma and Jamie

And we were pretty much inseparable from that moment onwards!

how they asked

Fast forward just over 4 years to New Year’s Eve 2015. We were on a lovely 5 day cruise with my parents and Jamie’s Dad. Just before dinner the phone rang in the cabin, it was Dad telling me they were running a little late and they’d meet us in the bar. It turned out later that this was all part of the plan to give Jamie some time alone with me to pop the question! I then (un be known to me) managed to make things as difficult as possible for Jamie as I kept coming up with reasons not to go for a walk on the promenade deck… “let’s sort out your new pocket square”, “lets have our picture taken as we might not have time after dinner”… etc.

Eventually he managed to drag me outside (at this point I was protesting that the wind would mess up my hair) and walk me around the deck. It was when we reached the back of the ship and he told me to close my eyes that I suddenly clocked what might be happening! I opened my eyes to find him down on one knee holding my Nan’s beautiful eternity ring. I of course said yes right away and everything after that is a bit of a blur!

Although the grin on my face in this picture says it all. Jamie still likes to joke about how the only other time he’d seen me grin that much was earlier that same day when we’d found some rather tasty donuts in a German market!

Image 3 of Emma and Jamie

When we went back inside we were greeted by our family standing in the bar with a waiter holding a bottle of champagne, all trying to keep a straight face as I walked in grinning! We of course spent the rest of the evening celebrating, and I had great fun pretending that all the New Year parties and fireworks were in fact just for us!

Image 4 of Emma and Jamie

On New Year’s morning we spent a beautiful few hours having breakfast in bed and watching the Sea from our balcony. It was perfect, and so special to have that time just the two of us before heading home the following day and sharing the news with the rest of our family and friends.

Image 5 of Emma and Jamie

The planning is well under way and the wedding will be held on September 23rd 2017, 6 years to the day since those words “that’s alright with me” were uttered!