Emma and Jacob

How They Asked

On March 15, 2020, my boyfriend, Jacob Cokely, told me that we were going to walk across Central Park from his apartment on the Upper East Side to a nice restaurant on the Upper West Side for dinner with friends. I was surprised that Jake wanted to venture out for dinner as COVID-19 was just beginning to spread in New York City. Jake said he predicted it would probably be the last time we could go out to eat before restaurants in NYC would shut down. We have strolled through Central Park many times before, but this time was different.

Jake stopped in front of the sailboat pond and professed his love through a poem he had written years ago about his future wife called “Lily of The Fields”. Jake shared how in 2016 he wrote down everything he was looking for in a wife and diligently prayed to God that He would bring this amazing person into his life.

I thought he was just being sweet and loving because the first time he told me he loved me was after returning from a trip to Australia and he wrote a poem that brought me to tears. But once I saw his hands were shaking, I realized he was proposing and could not have been more surprised.

He got down on one knee, and asked, “Will you marry me?”

Through happy tears and shock, I nodded and answered, “YES!” Jake had originally planned to propose with both our families present, but due to circumstances Jake decided he couldn’t wait any longer and realized it would be unsafe for our families to fly to NYC the following weekend.

Emma and Jacob's Engagement in Central Park in New York City

I am over the moon happy and in love with Jake Cokely. No matter what we will be getting married on August 9, 2020. We just hope our friends and family can be there for our wedding.

Emma's Proposal in Central Park in New York City

The next evening, Jake and I flew to his parents’ home in Orange County to escape the future lockdown of NYC. Our hearts are full of love for one another and we are celebrating our engagement as it brings hope and is a light to many during this time.