Emma and Jaan

How We Met

Jaan and I met back in high school when we were 15. We were at a mutual friends house and first started talking by arguing over if “The 100” was a good show or not (I still hold it is). After our bickering we decide to play truth or dare, the highest school thing in the world, and when it was my turn to dare Jaan I “dared him to dare himself” and do anything he was too scared to do.

Emma's Proposal in Central Park, New York, New York

He dared himself to kiss me and the rest has been history. From going to prom together, applying to college together, moving in together, joining Greek life together, and now moving to NYC together, we have been by each other’s sides through it all.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Central Park, New York, New York

How They Asked

One of our favorite things to do every summer when I’m in NYC is to walk around Central Park and have a picnic. We do it every single time he visits and he knows it is my favorite part of the city. When we were visiting this time he suggested we go to the park after brunch and walk around my favorite spot. Once we got there he offered to go ask someone to take a photo of us since he knew I always loved getting photos of us. When the photo was being taken he said my name and tapped my shoulder and when I turned to my side I saw him down on one knee smiling ear to ear. He took out the ring box and asked me to marry him and I said yes! I found out the woman taking our photo was the photographer he hired to capture all the special moments. After telling our families we went to the MET and dinner after to celebrate! Most magical day ever I couldn’t be happier to spend my life with my best friend.

Proposal Ideas Central Park, New York, New York

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Special Thanks

Nikki Ruiz
 | Photographer