Emma and Geoffrey

11080892_10203707451435600_6331058774744346091_nHow We Met: Geoffrey and I met in November 2014 on Match.com. I had been through a pretty bad breakup a few months earlier and was in Graduate school in a small town in the upstate of South Carolina where the dating pool was pretty slim. Geoffrey had recently moved to Greenville from Georgia and looked to Match.com to help him connect. At first, we started talking through emails, then phonecalls. Our phone conversations were me favorite part of the nights. We would talk about everything from religion to future career goals to challenges at work to family. It was so weird to feel so connected to someone I had yet to meet. We would talk for hours and finally, after doing this for a week or so, Geoffrey asked to meet. He picked me up from my apartment in Clemson, opened the car door, and in that moment, we became completely inseparable.

how they asked: About a year ago, I started a slow journey with running. Geoffrey having been a runner nearly his whole life encouraged me to start so that we had something to do together. I had never seen myself as a runner or as athletic, but I stood up to his challenge. And he was right. Running became our thing. It was a slow journey for me. Facing a strain only 4 months into training, I became frustrated, and Geoffrey stood by me during it all. Finally, I ran my first 5K last October. Then, we set our eyes on a bigger goal: The Cooper River Bridge Run in Charleston, SC. It’s the third largest 10K in America and the thought of it terrified me. But, I agreed.

Fast forward a few more months of training and falling deeper in love with Geoffrey and the weekend of the race arrived. We were scheduled to stay in a condo with Geoffrey’s family in the Isle of Palms because they were running the race as well. Race day came and I was completely overwhelmed with anxiety and excitement. But I crossed the finish line with Geoffrey right beside me.

That afternoon, after a shower and a cup of coffee, Geoffrey asked me to walk on the beach with him. I had already decided I wanted to, so nothing seemed weird or bizarre about his request. We were looking at the ocean and just talking about the race day when Geoffrey turned to me and started telling me how proud he was of me. He told me how in love he was with me and before I could even take a second breath, was down on one knee with the most perfect ring I’ve ever seen in his hands.

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I don’t remember much about the next 5 minutes, but I know there were a lot of tears and me saying “are you serious?”. Finally, I said Yes! Geoffrey pointed to a spot in the dunes and I saw his mom, my future Mother-in-law, hiding in the dunes taking our pictures.

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It was such a special memory and those pictures are something I will always cherish! As I called my family to tell them the news, they were all very excited and insisted they would see methe next weekend to celebrate. I never told Geoffrey, but inside I was a little disappointed I had to wait a whole week to see them.

After some alone time on the beach, we made our way back into the condo to get ready for dinner. Geoffrey said he had made reservations for his family and us to celebrate and I was so excited.

We got to the restaurant, walked in, and sitting at a huge table was my family. I burst into tears immediately.

It meant so much to me that Geoffrey brought them to Charleston on one of their busiest weekends of the year, and managed to keep it a surprise. (I am probably THE hardest person to surprise on the planet).

The weekend was such a special memory that I will always, always cherish.