Emma and Gabriel

how we met

Gabriel and I actually met on tinder! I had just moved to Hawaii from Minnesota, and he just finished a deployment on his submarine, the USS Buffalo (Hoo-yah). His profile said something along the lines of “Im not trying to brag, but I am an Eagle Scout. ” I had worked for the Boy Scouts of America in various roles for 5 years at that point, so I messaged him that I liked that he was an eagle scout. When he found out I wasn’t teasing him, he was so surprised he asked me on a date right there! When we finally met up in person for our first date, I came out of my house to find Gabriel crouched in a bush. His version of the story is that I took too long to come out from my house, so he was searching for pebbles to throw at my window. Unfortunate timing, but a hilarious first impression!

how they asked

During our first year of being long distance, one of our first times back together again was Christmas. We met in Florida, where his family lives. We stayed at a condo on the beach, and our first night back together, we took a midnight walk along the beach, talking about everything, our future, the reality of futures in the military, our wildest dreams, etc. It wasn’t always the lightest of subjects, but I remember being SO happy the whole time, the both of us were just giggling. It is one of my fondest nights together. Spoiler: Gabriel did NOT propose that night. 2 years later, we make the same trip, but in July. We stay at the same place, same beach, same midnight walk, same extreme joy, but this time reflecting out the past 3 years together. Alone on the beach, holding each other tight, Gabriel started and stopped saying the same sentence 4 times, and I felt something coming. He drops to one knee, I immediately burst into tears and Gabriel says the sweetest words that at the time made me cry even harder, which did not help me remember them later. To this day, I barely remember what he said! It was absolutely perfect. Gabriel had originally planned to take me on a 20 mile sunrise hike the day after his birthday, but I had injured myself and wasn’t able to go! I still feel bad about that to this day! It was supposed to b a surprise, but he had the ring for months and apparently I got too close to his hiding place in our home once, when I found myself picked up and carried out of the closet. So I knew it was coming, but I had no idea when.

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