Emma and Devin

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How We Met

Devin and I recently tied the Knot on 3.12.22 one postponement, a puppy, and a new home later. I attached our story from The Knot – our wedding website. I’ve always loved the Knot, thanks for reaching out and letting me share our story. I like to call the vision for the wedding an “Eclectic Modern Desert Bohohemian Wedding”. We had two weddings, a Nigerian and an American one. Cheers!

Emma’s Version

I stumbled across Devin on Instagram back in 2016 via our “mutual friend” and immediately thought he seemed like the cutest and nicest guy ever. But you know, social media isn’t always the whole truth. Years later, it went down in the DM’s. Devin was always a clever one. His first “official” DM said “Are we going to keep stalking each other or are we going to introduce ourselves” it was BOLD. Then, our first date. I was living in Dallas at the time, and Devin was in Sacramento. He invited me to be his plus one at our now mutual friend Jordan + Ryan’s (Shoutout to YALL) wedding. From the moment we actually met in person, I knew this might be it. The more I got to know his heart, the clearer it became. I’m so lucky to have found a person like Devin in this lifetime. I guess it was love at first like ;)

Devin’s Version

Yes, as Emma alluded, it went down in the “DM’s”. Emma and I had been messaging back and forth for almost a year before we met. We had even planned to meet for the first time in December of 2018. However, I thought to myself “Is this woman really the woman of my dreams? Are we even compatible in person?” And let’s be honest long-distance sucks. For all those reasons we did not meet in December of 2018. Yes, I flaked. As you can imagine Emma gave me the cold shoulder. As the months went by (4 to be exact) I couldn’t get the thought of Emma out of my head, and I had to see who this “Dream Woman” was. I had one more ace up my sleeve, a plus one to a wedding with an open bar in Dallas, where Emma was living. Emma accepted my proposal! As you can imagine the emotions were high prior to Emma picking me up from the airport, but as I came to the curb, and we locked eyes I knew I was in trouble… I was smitten. I had never seen such a beautiful woman in my life and a heart of gold to match. After the weekend I knew I had to make a decision, and that decision has led me to share our love story and plan a wedding of our own. I had/ have finally met the woman for me. Through the ups and downs, the countless flights between Arizona and Dallas, a global pandemic, and anything else that has been thrown our way over the years, I would do it all again without hesitation. I love you, Emma Almost Gordon.

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How They Asked

On Sep 26th, 2019, I thought we were throwing a little housewarming party, but little did I know Devin had something else planned. At the end of the party, Devin said he wanted to make a toast. I was completely shocked as I just moved to Arizona. This was pre-pandemic, we had no idea what the world had in store for us. Last month we officially tied the Knot and are now the Gordons<3

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Special Thanks

Nic Dudek
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Laki Events
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Martina Liana
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Martina Liana
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Dion Hart Studios
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