Emma and David's Proposal in Ocean City

Image 1 of Emma and David

How We Met

We met at his family restaurant, Pearls Oyster Bar in Philadelphia. My dad insisted he was staring at me and I insisted he was wrong. We left the restaurant and my dad looked up the phone number to the place and called and handed me the phone. I stumbled over my words saying “hi, I was just there with my dad and uh he thought you were looking at me.” He took my number off the caller ID an texted me. We had our first date the next week!

how they asked

He told he took off on a Saturday, so we could go get my favorite pizza at the beach because it was the first warm weekend. I didn’t think anything was going on at all I was oblivious! He texted me every day that week counting down until “pizza”. We walked on the beach, he got on one knee and said “I wanted today to be special, I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me?” And I burst into ugly crying tears and screamed “yes! Did you ask my dad?!”

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Special Thanks

Kate Serbin
 | Photographer